Prove it-Is the Rhapsody Watercolor Brush truly the best value?

Can Rhapsody Watercolor Brushes prove to be as good of a brush as their handmade counterparts while costing between 30 – 45% less?

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Prove It!

In this segment of Prove It! Mikey G looks to prove that the Rhapsody Watercolor Brushes are truly the "best value in their class." By putting them to the test against the handmade English standard, Mikey G goes through a series of experiments to test the performance and water retention of the Rhapsody brushes versus the much higher priced English version.

Can the Rhapsody Watercolor Brushes prove to be as good of a brush as their handmade counterparts while costing between 30 – 45% less? Mikey G finds out!

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Winsor & Newton: The World's Finest Artists' Materials

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Chances are, if you're an artist, you're familiar with Winsor & Newton — and for good reason! This world-famous company produces some of the finest and most popular art supplies available in the industry: from paints and mediums to canvas, brushes, paper, and everything in between!

Winsor & Newton was founded in England in 1832, a collaboration between artistic-minded Henry Newton and scientific William Winsor, who combined their individual expertise to craft some of the finest colors in the form of oil paints and watercolors. Among the first companies to make use of and develop the metal paint tube, Winsor & Newton soon rose to the top in terms of popularity, and it was with their help (and portable paint tubes!) that allowed artists to get out of the studio and into the field. They even crafted fine art materials for Queen Victoria!

Over the next 175 years, Winsor & Newton has remained in the forefront of art materials, honing and developing both artists' and student grade colors, paintbrushes, canvases, watercolor paper, and more — all of which are among the most recognizable in the world today! High quality is the Winsor & Newton catchphrase, and you know when using their materials that you are backed by almost two centuries of tradition and innovation.

Here at Jerry's Artarama, we are thrilled to carry so many Winsor & Newton art supplies (and thrilled to used them, as well!), and to offer them to you at fantastic savings! Here are just a few examples of Winsor & Newton's extensive portfolio, try them out today!

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winsor and newton art supplies

Artisan Water Mixable Oilsup to 50% off list!

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Artists' Acrylicsup to 50% off list!

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...and this is just a sampling of the many paints and art supplies that Winsor & Newton offers! Check out the video below for an explanation of why Winsor & Newton craft so many of their colors with single pigments, the ideal choice for color brilliance and clear mixes:

We're sure you're familiar with all of Winsor & Newton's fantastic art materials, but if you're itching to try out a new medium, now is the time! Certain ranges are on sale until mid-October, so stock up soon, and see why Winsor & Newton supplies are the World's Finest Artists' Materials!


Winners Announced for the Open Artist Call!

We recently had an Open Artist Call Competition open to all visual artists working in acrylics, oils, watercolors, pastels, and other dry media.  After a fantastic response with some amazing entries, the judges have selected the winners.

Daniel Cassity - First Place: $500 gift card

Robyn Cook - Second Place: $250 gift card

Teri Lai Nga Chan - Third Place: $175 gift card

Shelly Cox - Fourth Place: $75 gift card

Let's congratulate our winners!  And make sure to check TalentCall for more contest opportunities!


First Place Winner: DANIEL CASSITY


My still lifes represent the fall of light upon a variety of textures. To produce them I arrange common, as well as unexpected objects, in a manner meant to provoke inferences from the viewer; this is to engage the viewer beyond the painted surface: sometimes intended to evoke humor, sometimes intended to imply an event or story. "The Chopping Block" for instance, portrays a pig - cleaver at its back - standing calmly upon the platform of its fate. Likewise, some of the images offer a puzzle-like quality wherein the titles suggest a relationship to objects that might otherwise seem unrelated, as in "Explosives." As for the objects themselves, many of them I have collected over the years, and so they have a personal connection for me, others are included purely for the sake of symbolism.

As to the technical execution of the still lifes, the paintings are built up in glazes from a mid-tone ground, with the brushstrokes being largely eliminated by stipple brushes. The end result is a soft edged realism wherein the represented objects seem to emerge from their surroundings and shadows; in fact, contours and changes of surface planes are lost as often as possible. In addition to glazing, a variety of techniques are employed to produce the many subtle surface textures in these paintings, such as scumbling, rubbing, and stippling. These paintings are Oil on Panel.

The Chopping Block


Old Quaker & Pipe

Mask, Fork, & Vase

Baseball & Horseshoes

Second Place: ROBYN COOK

Bad Idea, Both Times






Fourth Place: SHELLY COX (Norma Cockwell)

The Discovery


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