"If Art Should Sell Itself" then why am I so broke?

"Art Should Sell Itself!"
That would be nice. But it doesn't and it won't happen. Not in your lifetime.  And curiously enough, artists actually know this.  But somewhere back in their mind is some group, book or individual whispering that phrase to them and early education is very powerful.....even if it is utterly wrong!

Artists who feel that their Art needs to only be displayed
and the buying public will flock to their studio or booth at an art show and push money eagerly into their hands can be seen everywhere. and are easily identifiable by both their attitudes and how they dress.

The "Art Should Sell Itself" artists are especially prevelant at Art and Craft Shows where they can be seen reading a book, or instant messaging on their cell phones, or lounging sleepily in their chairs. They ignore possible collectors completely, or stand in front of their booths blocking the entrance and engaging in conversations with friends and relatives. Or they are gathering in groups with other vendors to complain about the show.  They are wearing their "official artist clothes".....cut off shorts and flip flops and many unconsciously spend a lot of time trying to perfect their perception of what an artist is supposed to look like and do. Sometimes the green hair helps.

Artists in Studio settings  who believe that "Art Should Sell Itself" operate
the same way and can be picked out in a heartbeat. They too are the ones who sit in the chair at a Co-op gallery reading a book, ignoring browsers, talking loudly on the phone  or tapping away at their computers. They too can be identified by their paint stained sweatshirts, ripped jeans or rumpled clothes.  They are the ones who may perk up if the browser in the Gallery wanders towards their art display but other than that, they are a fixture at the desk. Bored, wishing they could be in their studio and creating art as artists should.

If "Art Should Sell Itself" then with that reasoning,  everything else should "Sell Itself" as well right? In other words,  all those car ads on TV were put in and paid for by cars right? Real estate ads must have been inserted by the houses themselves.  Music on the Internet or radio magically appeared just so you could hear it.  That book you read recently just fell from the sky into your hands.  That actor you love on TV simply.....appeared.

Right?  Of course not.  The cars are manufactured by people and promoted to the buying public with all the known marketing strategies! The homes in the real estate ads are groomed and prepped and advertised by people who are specialists in what they do. The music that permeates your life is created by people marketed by all available means by the musicians (with or without an agent). That book you enjoyed  was written by a person who them marketed it to get the book or article into publication.  What did all of those people have in common? They did NOT sit passively and wait for their product to "Sell Itself!"

Oh, but you may still insist that artists are different.  They think differently. They need pampering to grow. They have something that others don't.  You got that right.
They have no money!

Sure, success is not always measured by dollars and cents.  But nothing is as satifying as being able to support your family with a skill and job that you love!
Until artists step up to the plate and take full control and responsibility for their careers and  genuinely work to improve getting their art and message to the public in a friendly and professional manner, they will never be financially successful.

So if you want to attract the  buyers who will spend their money with you, dump the "starving artist" dress and attitude,  pick yourself up, dust off your better clothes, spruce up your skills and learn how to represent yourself as a professional artist seeking the best prices for your art!  
Get rid of that "cold prickly" aloof attitude and turn on the "warm fuzzy" personality. Celebrate your good fortune in being able to have the opportunity to create and promote your artwork!

Coming up! Seminar with Art Career EXperts Saturday, June 18 from 10-4! Learn just what you need to do to represent yourself, your studio and your Gallery! http://www.jerrysartevents.com/keyoartcainm.html


June Artist of the Month - Denise Saylor

I have been painting and drawing my entire life. My earliest memories were of drawing constantly on anything I could get my hands on! When I was around 12 years old, I spent some time taking oil painting classes with an instructor who only accepted children who were already talented. I basically had to "audition" to be in her class. Although it was many years ago, I learned to be confident in my ability and it allowed me to explore painting in a way I had never done before.
As I grew older, life and responsibility got in the way of of my art. Eventually, it just seemed like something I used to do! Those close to me always knew I was artistic and I was usually the one asked to do anything and everything that might need some creative expression!

At some point, probably around 14 years ago, someone asked me to paint a full scale "family tree" on their wall. I told them there was no way I could do that! But after being talked into it, it actually came out really nicely and my latent talents started to bloom once again. I put together a portfolio, took it over to my local paint store, and a muraling business was quickly born.
I've spent all the years since painting murals and faux finishes for many people. At some point when murals started to die down a bit, I reinvented myself and learned how to paint kitchen cabinets, doors, etc. to resemble different types of wood. So another branch of my business was born and it has been keeping my steadily employed.
What has been lacking now for some time, however, is the joy that painting brings me. Painting for ME. I've spent so much time making painting a business, learning to paint quickly, learning to listen and produce what OTHER people's visions are. I need to get back to what I love to do. So now another twist in my life and it's time to paint again on canvas. What I choose, what I love, what I'm drawn to. I can't wait to see where it all goes.











Local Raleigh Artists Unite to Help Fellow Artist and Friend!

Raleigh, NC (May 18, 2011)//For nine  months in 2009 Raleigh documentary film director Robert King and his wife, Lisa created a film that followed the unique art-collaboration between three local artists: Georges Le Chevallier, Sean Kernick and Paul Friedrich. The result of this process is the film “3 the Hard Way”. Now, two years later Robert King has been diagnosed with an anaplastic astrocytoma brain tumor. These artists are uniting once again, this time to support their friend by raising money from a one-time special screening of the film “3 the Hard Way”. All proceeds from this screening will help with medical costs and finding a cure for King.

King was diagnosed with a glioma brain tumor on January 10, 2004.  The spot on his brain had been growing since 2001. He received brain surgery in 2004, and 100% of the tumor was removed.   Recently, between May 2010 and January 2011 the tumor returned and is now a grade 3 anaplastic astrocytoma brain tumor. King went through chemotherapy and radiation and it has not shrunk the tumor. Money is being raised to search for Roberts cure.
3 The Hard Way is Kings’ documentary of the artistic collaboration of Kernick, a graffiti artist from the streets of Philly, Friedrick, a cartoonist born and bred in the South, and Le Chevallier, French Puerto Rican mixed media/collage painter. King followed the three artists as they worked in partnership to create 14 canvases and 15 drawings. Each artist started with three to six pieces and the medium and materials were of the artists choosing. Once all the works had  been prepared and painted, there was an exchange and each artist traded out his works for a set of the two other artists.

Film Screening
WHEN: 7:00 pm, Thursday June 2nd, 2011
WHERE: Mission Valley Cinema
2109-124 Avent Ferry Road
Raleigh, NC 27606
HOW: Ticket price is $7.00
To purchase advance tickets go to www.AmbassadorCinemas.com <http://www.AmbassadorCinemas.com>  and click "buy tickets"
Screening starts at 7pm followed by a Question and Answer session with Director Robert King and the cast of the documentary.
www.UnitedforRobert.com <http://www.UnitedforRobert.com>
3 The Hard Way Movie Trailer
As a master in the hair field, Spinelli has worked on movie sets in Los Angeles, and has performed in Italy, Brazil, Switzerland, Germany, and the United States. Come out for Triangle Fashion Week and see his wonderful designs, paired with clothing from Runway Couture, Tacori jewelry presented by Diamonds Direct, and SoHo Shoes

Media Contact:
Carrie Le Chevallier
Bounce Media-Marketing
Carrie.LeChevallier@yahoo.com <mailto:Carrie.Lechevallier@yahoo.com>
Attachment:  Robert King photograph
About Robert King:
Robert was born August 5, 1973. He grew up in Broward County, Florida. He is married to Lisa King, his partner in the film company Octave Blue.  King has a daughter named Kayla King who was born in 1995. He now lives in Raleigh.





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