Prove It! Do SoHo Watercolors Pack More Pigment Than Other Leading Brands?

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In this segment of Prove It! Mikey G will test the claim that SoHo Urban Artist Watercolors have a higher pigment load than other leading brands! Can you really use two-thirds less paint and achieve the same color coverage? Is 7ml of SoHo Watercolor as opaque and saturated as 20ml in another brand? Watch the video to find out!

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A Jerry's Online Street Team Art Project with Cristina Zinnia Galliher

Cristina Zinnia Galliher is a mixed media artist living life with a passion for art! Known to her art friends as Zinnia, she teaches others how to create variations of mixed media art for all levels through her online workshops and classes at RosesOnMyTable.com. Learn more about Zinnia and her work in our featured Artist Spotlight post, then read and follow along here as she outlines her method for creating beautiful mixed media art journal pages from start to finish!



Mixed Media Discoveries in Journal Exploration

by Cristina Zinnia Galliher, artist and instructor, RosesOnMyTable.com

By nature, mixed media art involves an enormous amount of experimentation, and in my search for quality art supplies that are sensibly priced and which also perform well, I find myself testing new products all the time. My art journal serves as my canvas for exploration, and for this page spread I have incorporated Turner Acryl Gouache paints, stencils, collage paper, and my graphite drawing.

1. Since I am not working on canvas, I need to prepare my book pages. This is a great opportunity to recycle old book pages, newspaper clippings, tissue paper, and scrapbook paper. Starting with an ordinary thin-paged journal, traditionally used for recording written thoughts, I began by bulking up the pages using regular gel medium, gesso, and paper.

2. The papers used to create this foundation consist of various textures, thicknesses, and color. Interesting patterns are formed using dress pattern tissue, old ephemera, book pages, and an antique newspaper clipping.

3. Whenever I paint layers of color on to my journal pages, I like to create noticeable contrast while balancing the interplay of the paper underneath the paint. I began my experimentation using Turner Acryl Gouache in Pearl Lilac over a glaze of other paints that I normally use. It was delightful to find that the Pearl Lilac (above) intensified the other paints when I used it as an overlay. In other areas where I applied it lightly (below), it was very lustrous and translucent.

4. Turquoise and Light Blue were used to highlight the corners and borders of the pages. The intensity of the paint is noticeable, and it "grabbed" the paper beautifully without bleeding or fading.

5. Stencil work was then applied over the dry paint layers. I used molding paste for this process. Once the paste dried, I reapplied the Turquoise paint color which also re-intensified the color under the stencil work, and around the edges of the stencil pattern.

6. To bring the peaks in the paper and the stencil work forward (above), I've applied Turner Acry Gouache in Pastel Sand and then Deep Gold colors.

The body of Turner Acryl Gouache paint is fantastic for picking up the peaks and the highlights of the textures, and because the paint is so versatile and adaptable to the techniques I use, I also used Pastel Sand to highlight the face and the hair strands.

Testing, exploring, and creating are the reasons why I am committed to keeping my art journal. Each discovery leads to a new one. The quality, versatility and adaptability of Turner Acryl Gouache paints is outstanding, and I look forward to future explorations in my work using other Turner paint color palettes.

Materials Used:

Watch Zinnia's process for creating mixed media journal pages in the video below:

What are your experiences in mixed media? Let us know about your own artistic experiments in the comments below!

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Artist Spotlight: Cristina Zinnia Galliher

Artist Spotlight Christin Galliher

Great Adventures in Online Learning

Cristina Zinnia Galliher is a mixed media artist living life with a passion for art. Her creative sense of adventure and her zeal for sharing the transformative power of art with others inspired her to create her online art community, RosesOnMyTable.com. Known to her art friends as Zinnia, she teaches others how to create variations of mixed media art for all levels through her online workshops and classes. For over 25 years she has explored many different art genres, including jewelry making, drawing, and mixed media collage. Her bottle art work and art shrines have been published, her work has sold nationally for many years, and more recently her teaching encompasses many years of practice and experience.

Zinnia's earliest childhood memories of the great statues and paintings in the Sistine Chapel impressed her imagination with unforgettable imagery. Grand statues and inspiring paintings by master artists like da Vinci, Michelangelo and Botticelli, which she saw in museums during family trips to Italy, sparked a connection that has remained with her even today. The storytelling and language of art exceeded words in a way that opened a window to a whole new world for her. Influenced by what she saw, art became her greatest passion. In her adult years, she developed her artistic skills through schooling and years of self-teaching. Today, Zinnia is eager to share her artistic voice with others.

Zinnia's workshops, like the art she creates, are always about exploration and feeling, and what better place to share her artistic adventures with others than through online video classes? When Zinnia is asked how she has created her busy and thriving online art community, Roses On My Table, her answer is immediate: "Doing what you love to do is akin to what Alice must have experienced when she went 'down the rabbit hole' for an adventure in Wonderland. There is so much to do and explore in the world of art. Once you see what you can accomplish, there is just no turning back."

Online teaching has made it possible for Zinnia to share her enthusiasm for learning new techniques and exploring various mediums and genres. Like Alice Through the Looking Glass, she has stepped into her own creative world, encouraging others to follow her on her artistic journey while forging new friendships, community, networking, and learning. But online learning is not only about fun, it is also about commitment and determination.

Roses On My Table offers online video workshops, and a supportive environment to dabble, test, share, learn, and exchange artistic ideas. "Roses' members are about having fun," she says, "but they are equally adamant about learning and practicing new techniques and becoming acquainted with new products. For those who are serious about improving their skill and knowledge, Roses is serious about offering it."

"Members quickly discover that in order to express themselves creatively and to learn new techniques and applications, one must make time to create, without any more excuses. Turn on your computer or laptop, roll up your sleeves, take out some paper and paint, because with the help of technology, time is no longer an issue, and distance is no longer an obstacle. We have all the space you need at Roses, and more!" says Zinnia.

Sharing her vision with other artists has expanded into a global online community called ArtfulGathering.com. Artful Gathering is Zinnia's annual online summertime art retreat where attendees are welcomed into the world of diverse learning experiences. Each summer she offers attendees the opportunity to take premiere online video art workshops with amazing artists from all over the world. Zinnia enjoys sharing her message as attendees save both time and money by participating with their teachers online: "Watching and learning, students and attendees have the opportunity to look over our shoulders as we work, without ever having to leave their home. All in one place at one time, for one summer, with amazing working artists."

Attendees can log in to their online classroom and experience the excitement of participating in a workshop with internationally known artists like Keith Lo Bue. Keith is a renowned jeweler and a sculptor, and has work in many major collections, including the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. At Artful Gathering, Keith shares his skills and mastery with his students right from his very own home studio in Sydney, Australia.

Mixed Media artist Pam Carriker, whose articles and work have been published widely and who has recently published a book, Art at the Speed of Life, has presented many live workshops with hundreds of students. Pam presents her artistic style and techniques to her students' computers at Artful Gathering 2012.

Zinnia brings art education to a whole new level, where people can connect and also participate in hands-on learning. Today, attendees, students, enthusiasts and artists no longer need to travel far to learn and interact with their favorite art instructors. A wonderland of knowledge, trade secrets, inspiration and community are just a mouse click away.

For more information, visit http://RosesOnMyTable.com

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