Artist Spotlight - Sandy Nelson

Coastal Color: The Paintings of Sandy Nelson

Sandy Nelson has been a professional artist for many years. She studied Fine Art and painting at the University of KY and the Scottsdale Art School. Her portraits and landscapes have been accepted to national juried competitions from Maine to California, many winning national awards. Her work is included in over 60 corporate and museum collections including those of Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart and George Steinbrenner, owner of the NY Yankees. She was named one of the top 200 artists in 1993 by the Artists' Magazine and has been profiled in "The Rotarian" an international publication; she was also selected as an "Artist to Watch" by Southwest Magazine. Nelson's works are also included in two 2011 books, Best of America: Oil Artists and 100 Southern Artists.

Like many artists, I was a creative kid... always drawing and observing. It seems that, for the most part, we're right-brained straight out of the crib. There never was an "a-ha" moment when I decided to become an artist; it was just the natural order of things. And the natural order led to majoring in fine art. While in college, I ran the gamut of required courses in all manner of media, clay, printmaking, textiles, but paint was the thing that made my soul sing. I discovered pastel and oil and the joy of brushes loaded with color. For the next several years, I painted a mile or two of canvas on the kitchen table and honed my drawing skills while raising four children. Multitasking became a way of life!

As the kids started school, I worked as an advertising freelancer, an artist for a thoroughbred racing magazine, did Yellow Page ads and took many a commission from printing companies. Bills do not have much of a shelf life. Before I thought my work was mature enough to seek out galleries, I entered every local/regional show I could find. When awards became numerous, I tried the national ones and was pretty surprised to be accepted and blessed with awards. A few galleries offered representation and that's the path to now... twenty plus years of exhibiting and lots of brushes loaded with color.

I moved from the green hills of Kentucky to the coast of North Carolina for, what I thought, would be a year or two of painting the marshes and beaches... that was eleven years ago. Everywhere I've traveled has been an interlude; the coast is "home." And that sense of place has brought about a new venture!

In late June 2012, a brand spankin' new gallery will open in Wilmington, NC... mine! I've taught many workshops and classes for other organizations, but now they will all be in my own Nelson Fine Art Gallery and Studio. Since I know the excitement I always had taking workshops from artists whose work I admired, I hope to bring that to my own space. On-going classes in different media are being scheduled and the workshop schedule is shaping up. All that will begin with a "grand" opening in September. The gallery is just a bridge away from Wrightsville Beach in the Lumina Commons shopping center, 1982 Eastwood Road, Wilmington, NC. Being a tourist area, there are plenty of things to do and wonderful restaurants and hotels.

Anyone who would like to keep up with the workshop and event schedule can email me at sandynelsonart(at)yahoo(dot)com. The Nelson Fine Art Gallery and Studio website is being developed and should be up in a couple of weeks!

— Sandy Nelson, professional artist

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Winsor and Newton Artists Water Colours - An Exploration

Winsor & Newton Artists' Water Colours — the true professional watercolor!

For over 175 years, Winsor & Newton have been creating some of the world's finest art materials! One of their most popular and well-beloved lines is the classic Artists' Water Colour range. Made with the finest ingredients and meticulous, time-honored processes, Winsor & Newton Artists' Water Colours are some of the finest watercolor paints on the planet today. Let's learn a little about them, shall we?

Primary Color Palettes for Winsor & Newton Artists' Water Colours

  • The three Primary Colors in the range are Winsor Lemon, Winsor Blue (Red Shade) and Permanent Rose.
  • When using a 6-color palette, we recommend using Winsor Lemon, Winsor Yellow, French Ultramarine, Winsor Blue (Green Shade), Permanent Rose and Scarlet Lake.

Transparency and Opacity
The varying transparency and opacity of a pigment will affect the optical character of the individual color as well as how the color mixes with other colors. The most transparent colors will enable you to create a pure glazing effect by applying a number of washes on top of one another. The more opaque colours give flatter washes and greater covering over previous washes. Opaque colors are also useful for toning down color mixtures.

On the Winsor & Newton Artists' Water Colour chart, the transparent colors are marked with or T, the semi-transparent colors are marked or ST. The relatively semi-opaque colors are marked with or SO and the opaque colours are marked with or O.

Pigment Choice
Watercolor more than any other medium relies upon the variable characteristics of the pigments used. As it is essentially a staining technique, everything rests on the handling properties of the pigments; whether they can produce a smooth wash or a textured wash; how opaque or transparent they are; the brilliance and strength of their color; and so on.

With this in mind, it has always been — and will continue to be — Winsor & Newton's aim to provide artists with the widest possible range of pigments to give them the greatest choice and flexibility. It takes a total of 87 different pigments to produce the 96 Artists' Water Colours.

Today, our Artists' Water Colours contain an ever-widening range of high performance pigments, which ensure strength of color and excellent brilliance combined with extremely high permanence ratings.

Single Pigments in the Range
Just like people, each and every pigment differs in shape, size, color, and "personality." Pigments, especially in watercolor, serve as a set of tools or vocabulary to help artists manipulate their work and alter their expression.

Wherever possible, single pigments have been used in Artists' Water Colour to ensure that we offer the widest choice of colors and pigment characteristics or positions, such as hue, particle size, transparency, tinting strength, etc. This helps broaden the artist's creative expression.

We use single pigments wherever possible. Single pigment formulations are purer in hue and cleaner in color than mixtures of pigments, providing a larger number of color mixes before resulting in muddy effects. Within the new Artists' Water Colour range there are 75 single pigments amounting to 78% of the range.

To learn more about Winsor & Newton's special milling processes and why they're so important, please watch the video below!

Are you a watercolor artist? Have you ever used (or do you swear by) Winsor & Newton Artists' Water Colours? Tell us your experiences in the comments below!

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