Introducing Myself by Valerie (Valry) Drake

I just now read the instructions for writing these blogs. I guess I was supposed to start with an intro telling you about me. Ooops. Okay, so better late than never. The Story of Valry Valerie was born in Southern Venezuela and educated in Peru at the prestigious Peruvian National Academy. She received international attention with her Master's Thesis on the Psychology of Arthurian Pigmy Intermarriage Customs. It was shortly after this that she was kidnapped by the Arthurian Pigmy Secrecy League. Valerie was rescued by John and their marriage followed within a matter of weeks. The couple honeymooned on the Island of Yap where Valerie was abl... [More]

On Being an Artist by Valerie (Valry) Drake

My thoughts have been wandering on the subject of being an artist. The idea of calling myself an "artist" is difficult. The majority of my income is derived from my day job. So what qualifies me to claim this title? Or am I being overly ostentatious? Am I an artist solely because I produce art? Possibly it has more to do with the fact that I consistently produce art. I practice. There is seldom a week that I do not produce some art. If I go more than a couple of days without drawing or painting then I start to dream of paintbrushes and the texture of paint, the feel of the paintbrush sweeping across canvas, the smell of oil paint, and intens... [More]

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