A Message from Tom Jones

After several weeks on the road teaching workshops I am back in the studio at home.
I apologize for the delay in the newsletter and updates to my web site, but I have rebuilt 
my web site for the second time in two years.  My goal is to make it as easy as possible 
for artist around the world to maneuver through the web site with the greatest of ease 
and with the new system artist will be able to make purchases easier and we will 
also be able to make changes and updates faster.   In this newsletter I want to pass on a couple tips.  One is you can now purchase Arches watercolor paper on board. This is the same surfaces you... [More]

Tips on Composition of a Painting by Tom Jones

  Composition is a very important part of the painting process. A good composition makes your painting more pleasing to the viewer and will enhance your chances to sell more paintings. Let me start by suggesting that you use a pencil to draw a very light vertical line down the center of the paper and likewise, draw a line horizontally through the center of the paper. This will help you avoid placing objects of importance in the center of the painting. The other reason for the lines is to help you from ending or starting object at those lines such as a horizon line or the edge of a tree or building.(Example) Avoid having your horizon l... [More]

My Creative Process from The Me Nobody Knows (TMNK)

Salt and Pepper18"x24"Mixed Media on Masonite2009I was asked recently about my creative process as though I had some formula for coming up with my paintings. For me, each painting is a unique journey, a planned, yet unexpected accident. I knew where I was trying to go, but how did I end up here? The only thing I know for certain is, if you are to get anywhere at all you must begin walking in that direction. And so it is with the art I create. I seldom have a picture in my mind of what the final painting will look like. I merely have the seeds of a thought, an idea, and an emotion that I allow to consume me. One thought leads to another, and a... [More]

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