Three Steps to being a Better Painter in Three Months by Mike Rooney

  Here's a three step list of things that are guaranteed to make you a better painter. Paint. Paint.Paint.There's no substitute for painting. Reading about it won't do it, watching DVDs incessantly won't do it, and taking workshops one behind the other won't do it either.If you would challenge yourself to paint at least five times a week, i know for a fact that you'd be so much better in three months that you'd be ashamed of what you've done up to this point in your art career.How do i know this? Personal experience.It started when i read a book on painting by Kevin McPherson and he stated that to get really good, you needed to do 100... [More]

I Want to be a Sellout by Mike Rooney

Thats right, you heard me correctly. I want to be a sellout! Let me explain. I'm Mike Rooney, a plein air painter, living on the coast of NC. I have about a dozen galleries representing me in NC and Cape Cod, and I also teach workshops and make instructional DVD's sold at Jerrys Artarama. This is the first of many monthly contributions I'll be making to this blog. Sometimes it'll be instructional, sometimes it'll hopefully be inspirational, and sometimes it'll be editorial. But it'll always be about making art or the business of art. So here we go.....I've been fulltime in the art biz now for about four years and I'm continually baffled by th... [More]

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