Understanding Acrylic Mediums

How These Extras Can Improve Your Painting! "When I was but young painter, I started with my paints, my cup of water, and my brush and I was ready to take on the world. How dumb I was"- Rob of Jerry's Blog Squad It's possible that when we decide to start painting, we all think a bit like our buddy Rob that all we will need to paint is just the paint, a brush and a canvas and our paintings will turn out like masterpieces. To be honest, that really is all you need. But why put a limit on what we can paint by sticking with just the bare minimum? With various mediums, you can completely transform your paints to have different textures and thickne... [More]

WINTER STREAM Project Lesson in Oils by Wilson Bickford

I thought I'd share some insights as to my thought processes and techniques with this painting. This was created just recently and I took step-by-step photos along the way to highlight certain points. Although this is considered an Oil painting, I did start with some Acrylic gessos for the underpainting; a blue-gray for the snow and black for the stream. The idea is to let the underpainting show through to influence the top layer of Oil Colors. Photo #1 - The blue and black Acrylics were applied using a disposable foam brush (hardware -store variety). When that was completely dry, I scrubbed a thin coat of LIQUIN Winsor & Newton Oil Col... [More]

Art as a Matter of Survival by Cheryl Whitestone

I have been a professional artist for twenty something years. I started painting when I was 10 years old and continued playing in all the 2 dimensional mediums I could get my hands on as a child with no money. My Mom was an artist so I was exposed to her art supplies and her artist friends who also tutored me. I learned sumi painting at 11, watercolors, oils, sketching and everything else, as I tagged along with my mother and her friends. I even went with Mom to do fill-in work on her murals in California, at age 11. I am old now and still work in every art medium I can get my hands on. Nothing has changed, I guess, except I have more of a ... [More]

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