Fun With Snazaroo!

Face Painting is easy! Face painting is all about looking good andhaving fun! Our face paints offer a greatvariety of vibrant colors. They go on easilyand dry quickly, so you can easily completea design in less than 5 minutes.Follow the 3 steps below to create your own Tiger face with Snazaroo Face Paint! Step 1 Using a damp sponge paint the bottom half of the face with Bright Yellow. Then sponge the top of the face with Orange paint. Step 2 Then apply the White detailing with a brush. Paint a wide ‘moustache’, fangs, spiky eyebrows and white strokes at the corner of each eye and upwards from the jaw line. Step 3 Col... [More]

Buying Art Supplies for the Holidays -Gift Buying Tips

Looking for holiday gifts for the artist, or maybe a loved one friend interested in doing art? Buying art supplies online and gifts for artists can be rather easy. Jerry's Artarama online artist supplier offers a Holiday Gift Guides making it easy for you as to purchase the perfect gift..."Give the Gift of Art this Holiday Season." The stress of holiday and shopping for gifts can often overwhelm us as we look for the best gift possible.We all want our gift to be the best gift, it is human nature. Art can be enjoyable, fun, creative, something you do together and relaxing. For those looking for the perfect gifts for those artists or someone in... [More]

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