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The members of the ChromaZones are Triangle area artists that specialize in abstract art. Each of the artists brings to the group unique qualities but all share a common goal of celebrating and promoting the Triangle area's visual arts community. The group originally came together during a charity fund raising effort and promotion of the 2009 Raleigh SPARKcon celebration. Members of the ChromaZones are: Craig Burt, Marianne Conti Burt, Allen Clapp, Jillian Goldberg, Larry James, Sarah Mantel, Cheryl McCardle, John P. McFadden, Sys Oppenlander, Constance Pappalardo, Carol Joy Shannon, Mary Storms, Juley Striegel, Domingo Vega, and Rebecca Wor... [More]

He's Going to be an Artist Since he got Laid Off by Valerie (Valry) Drake

  A while back I was in Jerry's just looking to see if there was anything new that I couldn't live without and there was this guy looking at acrylic mediums and he looked kind of lost. So I sort of made friendly sounds and we started talking. Later I found out that he had been agonizing over his purchases for a couple of hours and the staff was sort of losing patience with him, which I understood after about a half hour of conversation. He started by asking how to get rid of the bumps on the canvas. Bumps? Yeah, bumps, the roughness of the fabric weave. So I explained to him that we called that "tooth" and that you sort of didn't alwa... [More]

Oil vs. Acrylic by Heather Goldstein

Oils and Acrylics are like oil and water...LITERALLY! For someone just starting out at painting or a painter wanting to change mediums, knowing which is better is usually the first question. But the truth is that neither oil nor acrylic is better than the other; they are just suited for different things. I will admit that I may be a bit bias since I am an oil painter, but I definitely see the merit in both. After all, I AM a painter and I just love PAINT!Acrylics: I have found that acrylics are great play paints. They are non-toxic so you can use your hands and just have fun! They are also, often times, less expensive than oils. Acrylics will... [More]

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