Gouache, did I say that right?

What Is It Anyway?

If you've never heard of it, Gouache(pronounced gwaash) is the little understood paint that works like an opaque watercolor. It's made of ground up pigments in water and mixed with a glue like substance to thicken it and has velvety, opaque and reflective qualities as well as brilliant color. Gouache is actually one of the oldest mediums used in Western art and used in a number of different professions, not just art. It's used around the world for many different purposes and it's probably a good time to learn exactly what it is.

Painted with Guache

Gouache's name comes from the Italian word aguazzo which translates to "mud" and like mud, Gouache is wet and opaque. Unlike mud, when applied, Gouache dries to vivid, opaque colors. It's often compared to a watercolor, but unlike watercolor, gouache isn't used as a stain and doesn't rely on the whiteness of the paper or canvas you're painting on to display the colors' brilliance. It also can create flawless, flat colored areas, which is harder to create with watercolors. But, because the pigment concentrations are higher in gouache, it is more resistant to problems like the "blossoming" or "washing out" that occurs with watercolors. Gouache also gives off a slightly reflective shimmer that has been used extensively in illustrations and advertising. Not only did it look great, but it impressed Illustrators with its speed of application and its coverage with minimal paint. You've probably seen it in fashion illustrations before like this one:

Gouache is not a new product either, its been around for a very long time. The ancient Egyptians were the first to use it using honey as their binding agent. They saw its potential as the ideal medium to capture the effects of light. Then it was used by artists throughout Europe and grew to much popularity during the victorian age. Famed historic painter Henri Matisse also used it extensively. Today, gouache is popular with advertisers, illustrators looking for a vintage look, and decorators looking to make their work stand out.

Who uses it and why?

  • Artists- Duh. Perfect for abstract work and coloured backgrounds, gouache is often used in conjunction with watercolor paints to give watercolor paintings more texture and depth.
  • Designers- They love it for its ease of use and brilliance. It shines and reflects more than other paints which is more likely to draw the eye which has made it very popular with designers and advertisers.
  • Airbrushing-water based and great covering power make it perfect for airbrushing. It's also one of the least toxic materials to spray and is easily cleanable.
  • Calligraphy- because of it's excellent flow, easy controllability, opacity and permanence, gouache is a favorite among calligraphers.
  • Tole painters- tole painting is the folk art of painting on tin and wooden utensils, objects and furniture. It stands out particularly well on glass, wood, and tin! The jug to the right is a great example of tole painting with gouache.
  • Fashion-Gouache is often the paint associated with paintings of fashion models and clothes and apparel. 


Have you tried painting with Gouache yet? If so, let us know in the comment section which brand is your favorite(Turner, Winsor & Newton, SoHo, LUKAS), what you like about it and where you use it. We'd love to hear more about it!


LUKAS Pastos Builds Up Thick, Dries Quick

The Thicker, Heavier Impasto: Dries Fast, Work Quickly!

Jerry's Artarama is always on the lookout for new and different products and real game changers in the world of art. LUKAS CRYL Pastos Acrylics is one of the real, rare gems available for artists to create their art in new and profound ways. Compared to most typical acrylic paints, LUKAS Pastos Acrylics are a thicker, heavier bodied acrylic that dries quickly in just 15 minutes! Can YOUR acrylic do that?

The Strength

LUKAS, one of Europe's oldest paint makers, dating back to the 1800s, has created the only acrylic capable of building up incredibly thick multi-layered paintings. No other acrylic can do what this German engineered paint can. This heavy body acrylic paint is much thicker than other brands at 70% solids for thick, heavy brush strokes to give textured and vivid results. Its heavy body has excellent permanency and a high viscosity. On canvas, the paint is strong and thick enough to hold and retain crisp brush strokes and palette knives marks. Many artists have noted that it's easy to spread and blend, even without mixing it with water. 

One painter described using LUKAS Pastos' texture, saying, "There's nothing like taking out your canvas and getting ready to paint a nice textured scene with luscious, creamy, rich colors. I like to build up the paint on the canvas and put textures in random parts of my paintings. This paint never fails to create great!"


The Endurance

LUKAS Pastos acrylics can really hold its weight. For lightfastness ratings, the Pastos colors have superb lightfast ratings which means that long exposure to lights barely effect them. Pastos can also dry reliably in just 15 minutes, while some acrylics take up to 2 days to dry. Pastos beats all other heavy body acrylics' drying times, dries to a semi-gloss finish and remains completely flexible and has been known to NEVER crack, shrink or swell. 

On top of everything else, the Pastos acrylics are also water and medium mixable. Although they have the ability to be easily applied without water, when mixed with water, Pastos doesn't leave blank, clear or unfinished spots like some other acrylics. Pastos continues to spread completely and evenly, covering all areas, and wont run. 

The Intensity

The pigment load of this Impasto is impressive. The colors are bright and opaques are well covered. The high pigment load was made to be especially high to differentiate itself as a professional acrylic and not for students. These are unadulterated and unmodified pigments in the highest concentrations possible! The Cadmium and Cobalt colors are even made from real cadmium and cobalt.

If you enjoy painting thick and impasto styled paintings, this is the paint for you. From its brilliant colors and pigments to its thick, heavy texture, LUKAS Pastos performs like no other Impasto and dries quicker than other Impastos wish they could. German engineered, LUKAS Pastos is the strongest, thickest, heavy body acrylic on the market and hopefully soon, on your palette, brush and canvas. 

Have you tried LUKAS Pastos Acylics yet? Tell us what you think of them in the comments below. If you haven't, what are you waiting for? Try them out with a 30-day money back guarantee only at Jerry's Artarama!


Practica Black is the new White

The New Alternative to the Stretched Canvas

The Tabula Rasa means "blank slate". And in the art world, that often translates to blank canvas. But what about a black canvas? The new Practica Black stretched canvas is a different kind of canvas for a new style of thinking and painting.


The Practica Black stretched canvas is perfect for making lighter paints and colors stick out against the dark canvas. No longer do artists need to paint their white canvases black to create a dramatic night scene or serious juxtaposition of bright light vs muted dark colors, this canvas saves those steps. And at 100% duck cotton, this higher quality canvas will accept the bright colors you will want to use on this canvas better than other canvases. It's also finished with an acid-free black primer which is preferable to artists for tole, mixed media, and black-light art. Just look at what you can create with oil paints or acrylic paints!

 Artists have used black canvases to create bright vignettes and moodier pieces because the canvas allows the artist to leave larger areas of the canvas unpainted. The wonderful effect this causes is that the viewer of said piece would never surmise that larger areas of the canvas were unpainted saving the artist time and paint.

Colors also interact interestingly on a black canvas. Colors like Alizaran Crimson and Ultramarine Blue will stand out if mixed with a little Titanium white. They create beautiful mixed colors that would shine much, much more than on a typical white canvas.  Whites and blues like Prussian Blue or Ultramarine stand out particularly nicely on the black canvas for winter or night scenes. If you are getting ready for Halloween however, oranges and reds work well for a more spooky effect. 

They are also quite practical, as no frames are needed for stretched canvases and you can hang them directly on your wall for a nice effect. It will look as professionally hung as any museum piece! 

And remember, at Jerry's Artarama, you can save up to 74% off list price on the Practica Black Canvas. So try one out today and start painting to a completely different, more dramatic effect!

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