eGift Cards Make a Great Gift for Dads and Grads

The Perfect Gift that Arrives in Minutes!

Looking for the perfect gift for college and high school graduates? Or maybe something for Father's Day? Look no further than Jerry's eGift Cards, the gift you can send immediately online, anytime, anywhere!


Jerry's has many products which would be perfect for graduation or Father's Day gifts. However, if you don't know what kind of paints or brushes your graduating artist or father uses, or you're not completely sure what exactly to get someone, eGift Cards to Jerry's Artarama make a terrific gift! Let the person you buy one for decide what they need. They can spend them on college and dorm supplies, office supplies or art supplies. Allow a person to continue creating their art by letting them buy the art supplies as they need them.


For fathers, art can make a great gift. Let Dad pick out his own supplies and get creative. Art is a relaxing activity that allows him to express his creativity and spend time doing what he likes. Jerry's has several Father's Day designed eGift Cards too.

For high school grads, a Jerry's Artarama eGift Card is the gift that keeps giving. It can be used to buy classroom supplies like pencils, pens, paper, sketch and note pads and more. Or give your grad the opportunity to continue their art habits with more fun supplies like an easel, paints or pastels!

After college graduation, often the transition from college to post grad life means the loss of free time and a lack of disposable income for things like hobbies and creating art. A great way to combat that is to give them a convenient eGift Card to spend when and how they want it on art supplies. You can even specialize your eGift card by picking out a fun graduate design like those shown above. 


Have you ever given art as a graduation or Father's Day gift? Tell us all about it in the comments below. We'd love to hear how art changed the life of someone special in your life!


Art Show Necessities

Preparing You For Selling Your Art At This Summer's Art Shows!

As the summer Art Show season gets ready to start, we want you to be prepared to have the best displays so that you can get your art out there and make some sales. To help you prep, we've designed a list of items that we think will help you stand out from the crowd and display your art the right way!


Does the art show you'll be entering provide you with a tent to protect your artwork from the sun, rain or elements? Tents are a necessity, it provides a space to hang your art, and a place to let potential buyers to view your art close up. Jerry's recommends Insta-Stand Outdoor Structures which includes tents and pavilions with or without walls. They are perfect for providing shade, hanging hooks to display and hang art as well as boast flame resistant materials for emergencies. 


As for hanging equipment- we like OOK Gallery Rods and Monkey Hangers. With these, you can hang several pieces of art vertically for a beautiful and eye catching display. Plus, the hangers are adjustable so you can space out artwork of several sizes!


Want to make a piece really stand out? Try displaying it on an easel. Display easels can prominently display your art right at the front of your tent or display. They provide a way for your art to really catch the eye of someone passing by. Display easels are also very affordable and easy to travel with and set up. Remember, the easier the piece of art is to see, the more likely someone will examine it closely and gain interest so make sure your best work is prominently displayed. 

For displaying prints, we love canvas print racks. Nothing is easier than lightweight, folding racks that can hold many prints. Let visitors flip through your portfolio of prints and make some sales.



Traveling can be particularly tough with artwork, between prints and canvases and supplies, it can be a lot to carry and organize, and store in your tent, display or vehicle. Here are our picks for the right tools that make transporting your art easier

SoHo Boat Bags make transporting everything from paints and pads to hanging equipment to snacks easy. These spacious, durable canvas bags have enough room for all the little things you'll need when preparing for an art show.


Moving prints can always be troublesome and without a way to carry many of them at once, but with Picturesque Pro Presentation Cases, you can carry many different prints all at once. They stack and store easily so that you can carry many at the same time. These cases also feature 20 crystal clear pages to protect each print and provide a great way to present your art. 


Acurit Mailing Tubes and Colorview Tubes are another great way to transport and ship artwork. These durable tubes allow for paper artwork to be safely moved and great for mailing sold art!


Interacting with Customers

One hot new trend at art shows is live painting. With the right travel easel, you can have everything you need and show off your artistic prowess. The Monet Easel with Dan Helsel Box is the perfect way to neatly store and travel with your easel and palette all in one connected box. This is the ultimate travel easel, palette combination that allows you to carry everything at once! Live paintings are incredibly popular right now and having all of your tools, paints and gear. Getting the crowd to watch you work is a great way to draw in interest by passerbys. 


 With many art shows coming up in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and more, with the right tools, the outdoor community art show is an amazing way to gain exposure, get your name out there and sell some art. And with the right tools and supplies from Jerry's Artarama, success is practically guaranteed!


Did You Know- The Mona Lisa

Fun Facts About the World's Most Popular Painting

Although it is the world's most recognizable painting, the Mona Lisa has an incredibly storied past that not many of us know about. The Painting has a fascinating history to it that not many of us know about that we at the Splatter thought it might be fun to share. So here are some fun, fascinating and even surprising facts about the Mona Lisa!

Image source: The Mona Lisa, 

  • Leonardo Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa from 1503 to 1506, but was considered incomplete by Da Vinci until 1516. Da Vinci was never paid for the painting and it never made it to it's intended client.
  • The woman in the painting is thought to be Lisa Gherandini Giocondo who was about 25 at the time of the painting. 
  • Her husband, Francesco del Giocondo was a wealthy cloth merchant in Florence who never received his painting.
  • Da Vinci never signed or dated his most famous painting.
  • The Mona Lisa was bought in 1530 by Francis I, the king of France for viewings by only the upper class.
  • The Mona Lisa was painted with oil paints on a poplar wood panel and measures 30 in tall by 20 in wide. 
  • Although the Mona Lisa currently resides in the Louvre Museum in France, the painting has never been insured as it is considered priceless.
  • Despite not being insured, the painting was once stolen in 1911 by an employee of the Louvre, Vincenzo Peruggia who carried the painting out under his smock . The painting was not returned until 1913, two years later when Vincenzo tried to sell the painting in Florence!
  • Surprisingly, Peruggia only received a short jail sentence for stealing the Mona Lisa because he claimed the crime as a "patriotic" crime for Italy.
  • Now, over 6 million people visit the Mona Lisa every year at the Louvre in Paris, France. 
  • If you look carefully at the forehead of the Mona Lisa, you might notice that she doesn't have any eye brows! No, this wasn't a mistake by Da Vinci, it was actually due to deterioration over time and overzealous restorers. With today's technology, it takes a megapixel scanner to see the hint of eyebrows that Da Vinci originally included.
  • The Mona Lisa currently sits behind bulletproof glass as a result of repeated things being thrown at it including stones, acid, and even a coffee mug!
  • The bulletproof glass was donated by Japan as a gift after it was exhibited in the Tokyo National Museum attracting over 2 million visitors in 1974. 
  • There is some confusion surrounding the name of the Mona Lisa. It was originally named the Mia Donna Lisa (meaning My Lady Lisa), but was shortened to the Monna Lisa. Due to a simple spelling error, in English it was accidentally called the Mona Lisa and has been called that ever since in English. 
  • The painting is as famous as it is partially because it shows off a revolutionary new technique discovered by Leonardo Da Vinci. This technique is called Sfumato and is defined as "the blending of light and shade."
  • Marcel DuChamp's most famous piece of artwork to this day is a postcard with a picture of the Mona Lisa on which he painted a mustache and goatee.


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