Artist Spotlight Reviews- Mungyo Handmade Soft Pastels with Elizabeth Gyles Johnson

A Review of Mungyo Gallery Handmade Soft Pastels

by Elizabeth Gyles Johnson, artist and art instructor


Elizabeth Gyles Johnson of Wind and Honey Creations is a pencil artist who focuses her art on the delights of life.  Elizabeth teaches the intricacies of drawing at all skill levels to a collection of students worldwide through online workshops and classes at CreativePencils.com  Learn more about Elizabeth in our featured Artist Spotlight post, and enjoy her demonstration here of the Mungyo Gallery Soft Pastels

The Mungyo Gallery Handmade Soft Pastels are a joy with which to paint.  They are very soft lending themselves to a very free creative approach.   And yet as I used them on the UART Sanded Pastel Paper, I found that I also had as much control of the placement of the colors as I could have wished.


The colors are vivid and scrumptious.  There is a wide range of beautiful colors to choose from - 96 colors in all..  The pigments are light fast and fade resistant.  And they blend very nicely.  These pigments lay down clearly and beautifully on the paper.  You will be tempted to try all the colors, as am I.  So it is helpful that the Mungyo Soft Pastels are an affordable price.


These very soft pastels may be blended with a blending stump or if you prefer to be more tactile with your art, your fingers.   Even though the colors blend well, they are also strong enough to layer boldly on top of a previously drawn portion of your painting.   For my example I have created a painting with lots of blending and layering of color.  As you can see the Mungyo Handmade Soft Pastels handled the task well.  I enjoyed working with them and will use them again.  I have already recommended them to some of my pastel loving students.




Mungyo Gallery Handmade Soft Pastels
Creative Mark Paper Blending Stumps 
UART Premium Sanded Pastel Paper 
SpectraFix Non Toxic Pastel Fixative


Watch as Elizabeth demonstrates a painting using the Mungyo Gallery Handmade Soft Pastels


Elizabeth Gyles Johnson purchases all of her artist pencils from Jerry's Artarama because of their customer service and great packing of delicate artist pencils for shipping. Here are some other drawings Elizabeth has done with pencils purchased from Jerry's Artarama.


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Coloring: The Best for Dealing with Stress

Cut Down on Stress with a Colouring Book

A new craze is taking over France for all those looking to de-stress their lives: coloring in coloring books. These new adult colouring books have been popping up left and right and French doctors are actually prescribing women coloring time in order to relieve stress from their every day lives. .

Doctors have been searching for a different solution to the problem of over-stressing since France currently leads every other country in the amount of the population on anti-depressants. Even art companies are now listing their coloring books as "art therapy" and as "stress relief"

Many see coloring as a form of active meditation and if you spend about half an hour simply coloring each day, you will feel better. Coloring gives people a creative outlet as well as a low-stress concentration and exertion with bright colors that can lower anxiety. Coloring also lets the brain free up thoughts to think about people value in life and divert energy into something constructive.


Coloring in books has also been seen as a better form of stress release than watching television or playing video games which do relieve stress, but not for a prolonged time.  

Feel like trying this new stress reducing method out for yourself? Jerry's Artarama has a wide selection of colored pencils from Faber-Castell Polychromos with high lightfast ratings, to SoHo Urban Artist Colored Pencils with their smooth, buttery consistency and 72 vibrant colors.


Jerry's also has a new line of much anticipated, adult colouring books coming soon from Pepin. Pepin Colouring Books feature light line guides, superior, acid-free drawing paper and stunning designs and themes from around the world. These already growing in popularity adult colouring books will be available online from Jerrysartarama.com November 13th!


Jerry's would love to know how coloring and art helps you relieve your stress and anxiety, so tell us all about it in the comments below!




10 Best Art Schools Wrap Up

Click Through To Read About Each School

Jerry's Artarama has always been a strong supporter of Art Education. We recently finished our List of the Top Ten Art Schools in the Country to great success. As a resource to art students and prospective art students around the country, Jerry's has everything students need from great art supplies, a back to class savings running through October 17th, The Jerry's Artarama Empowering an Aspiring Artist Scholarship and art tips and knowledge shared here on the Splatter

Here again are the Top Ten U.S. Art Schools:


#10 Columbia University School of the Arts

savannah college of art and design

The Columbia University School of the Arts offers a large curriculum of mixed media and offers Master of Fine Art Degrees in Film, Theatre, Writing and Visual Arts. The Visual Arts program at Columbia differentiates its program from lesser schools by attracting a student body and faculty from around the world, and with a location set in the center of New York...

Read More  - Columbia University School of the Arts


#9 Savannah College of Art and Design

savannah college of art and design

The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) is a private university with four locations: two in Georgia (Savannah and Atlanta) as well as Hong Kong opened in 2010 and Lacoste, France, opened in 2002. The original Savannah location opened its doors in 1979 with only four staff members, seventy one students and only seven faculty members...

Read More  - Savannah College of Art and Design


#8 Maryland Institute College of Art

The Maryland Institute College of Art or MICA ranks out at number 8 on our list because of the well-equipped campus, inventive curriculum and illustrious faculty. They are constantly ranked in the top 10 Masters of Fine Art programs in visual arts and U.S. News ranked them as #3 in Graphic Design and #5 in Painting/Drawing. Located in the heart of Baltimore, this private art and design college is the oldest continuously degree-granting college of art in the nation...

Read More  - Maryland Institute College of Art


#7 Carnegie Mellon School of Art

 Carnegie Mellon University's School of Art is often highly ranked for top art schools being #1 in Art and Design Multimedia programs and #7 in Fine Art programs by US News & World Report. The school pretty heavily pushes for an interdisciplinary education between art and technology over classical studies to better prepare its students for the ever-changing job market and global culture...

Read More  - Carnegie Mellon University School of Art


#6 California Institute of the Arts

 The California Institute of the Arts, a private university located in Valencia, California was founded in 1961 and currently boasts a student body of 1,454 students. The School has been called one of the best "campuses that offer an exceptional artist atmosphere" by Newsweek in 2011...

Read More  - California Institute of the Arts


#5 Temple University Tyler School of Art

Named after famed sculptor Stella Elkins Tyler and located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Tyler School of Art at Temple University is one of the largest producers of notable artists and designers. This higher learning institution is home to some of the leading programs in painting, drawing, sculpting, printmaking, ceramics, photography and graphic design...

Read More  - Temple University Tyler School of Art


#4 Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts

The School of the Arts at VCU in Richmond Virginia offers nationally ranked and award winning programs in sculpture, graphic design, painting, ceramics and printmaking. They offer sixteen academic programs for over 3,000 students. The school prides themselves on their ability to encourage students in their artistic endeavors...

Read More  - Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts


#3 University of California-Los Angeles

The School of the Arts and Architecture is professional school that offers a full range of course programs granting degrees in architecture and urban design, art, design media arts, world arts and cultures, and many more fields. The school provides art students with two internationally acclaimed public arts institutions including the Hammer Museum and  the Fowler Museum at UCLA, as well as varying contemporary and historical exhibitions cycled throughout the year...

Read More  - University of California-Los Angeles


#2 Rhode Island School of Design

The Rhode Island School of Design located in Providence, Rhode Island, is one of the top schools for art and design as well as one of the oldest, being founded in 1877. RISD or riz-dee as its often called by its students has a student population of about 2,300 students and offers about twenty programs of study including apparel design, architecture, digital media, ceramics, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture...

Read More  - Rhode Island School of Design

#1 Yale University

The Yale University School of Art, established in 1869, is an art school that grants only Masters of Fine Arts degrees in graphic design, painting, photography, printmaking or sculpture. They have an incredibly rigorous application process and only takes undergraduate students with impeccable records. Just a clue as to how exclusive the school is; in November 2008, only 65 of 1142 applicants were admitted to the School of Art for the class of 2010...

Read More  - Yale University

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