Dura-Handle Resin Handles are Changing the Way We See Paint Brushes

Creative Inspirations Brushes are the next Evolution in Paint Brushes


Wooden brushes have been the standard for paintbrushes for hundreds of years now. A fixture of any professional painter's studio-the container filled with the messy paint splattered brushes looking like this:


Brushes are often the first thing to go in any artist's studio. If you have ever taken an art class or are one to soak your brushes after use, you can see that the brushes that have been soaked in water or solvents have taken some wear and tear. Even if it is the easiest way to clean these brushes by soaking them, they wont last as long, and even if you do take the time to thoroughly scrub them, they will still be coated with old dry paint which can just make your hands feel grubby after reusing them.

Well, what if your studio could have something better? A better quality brush that wouldn't crack or chip when soaked in solvents or water or one that was easy to clean?

Introducing the New Creative Inspirations Dura-Handle Brushes


New Creative Inspirations Dura-Handle Brushes feature special high performance Resin handles that wont crack, chip or retain water are incredibly simple to clean. As it is made from solid resin, the high quality brush handle has a balanced feel. The resin handle also gives the feel of a wood handle, so the only difference you will notice is it's longevity of use and unsoiled and untarnished handle. Cheap plastic can be flimsy and break easily, but not resin! Topped off with seamless, nickel-plated brass ferrules for an elegant look and Taklon synthetic hair, Creative Inspirations brushes can hold a large amount of paint and then release it flawlessly.

 And, they are so easy to clean. Just with a simple wipe of a paper towel, the paint will disappear off of your resin handle. It's that easy!



Available in both short handle and long handle versions, they can be used with all traditional media so if you want to try them with oils or acrylics, try the long handle brushes. If you prefer watercolor, the short handled brushes will be ideal for everything from sweeping washes to the smallest details. 


 Resin brushes are here to stay and for anything like classroom or professional use, they will prove to last longer and perform better than traditional wood handled brushes. Try them today at Jerrysartaram.com and see why they are the future of Paint Brushes. Also available in Sets.

Have you tried new Creative Inspirations Dura-Handle Brushes yet? Let us know what you think about them in the comments below!


10 Art Journaling Prompts to Try Out This Summer

Keep your Creativity Alive during these Long Hot Summer Days

Summer is full of inspiration and provides some great chances for artists to grow and explore their own artwork. Art journaling is a terrific way to learn about your own artistic talent and grow your creativity on a daily basis. Here are some simple summer ideas to keep you journaling this summer:

1. Sunshine

Draw, sketch or paint your love for the sun and warmth and bright days.

2. Fourth of July Fireworks

Fireworks are so much fun to draw, paint and play around with on paper. Capture the strands of sparks with long, thick, curled lines.

3. Vacation

Did you or do you plan to take a road trip or fly somewhere exotic this summer? Journal your memories or new experiences.

4. The Water


Is there a better way to spend the hot days than by the pool/beach/lakeshore? Describe how being in or near the water makes you feel and illustrate it.

5. Baseball Games


Go to a baseball game, bring you journal and a pen or pencil and capture the experience of America's favorite pastime. 

6. Ice cream/ Popsicles


Theres no better way to beat the heat, so journal about your favorite treat.

7. Picnics


Think about all the colors between the food, nature, the picnic basket, blanket etc.

8. Taking a nap under a tree or beach umbrella

If you sketch or paint it, try and capture the shadows created and focus on the shaded areas.

9. The Stars

With so many cloudless nights out, documenting the stars through sketch, coloring and painting. 

10. Your Best Childhood Memories of Summer


Think of all the summer memories you had growing up and capture or reinterpret those fun and meaningful moments with art!

Have any great inspirations for Art Journaling this summer? Let us know in the comments section. To learn more about Art Journaling, check out our article Art Journaling Can Improve Your Creativity!

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Avoid Shipping Horror Stories with the right Supplies!

Don't Stress over Damaged Art with the right Art Shipping Tubes and Boxes !

Shipping and mailing artwork can be expensive and stressful. Especially if you've ever received a package looking like this:


Now while this might be a bit exaggerated, shipping artwork safely is a big deal. When you've spent a lot of time and effort on your artwork, it becomes almost impossible to think that something could happen to your artwork while being shipped. However, things do happen, packages do get smashed and tossed around while being shipped and transported. Many professional artists don't have the luxury of getting their art dented or scratched when shipping sold pieces or prints, meaning that taking the proper shipping precautions is imperative. So what's the proper way to store, mail or ship your art to handle everything from rough handed mail carriers to earthquakes? Jerry's is here with all the answers!

The Right Packaging 

What you store your art in before you send it on its way is extremely important to keeping it safe. The brown shipping boxes available at the post office, UPS or FedEx store were not made for artwork and won't properly protect them either. Packing peanuts won't stop your art from shifting in place. Wrapping your art in tissue paper can lead to the tissue paper bleeding onto your artwork and bubble wrap can melt onto your art if it's not properly stored in a cool enough environment. Don't pack your artwork this way and ruin it. For your valuable art, you need the right shipping materials.

For a watercolor, sketch, pastel piece,print, or anything on paper use an archival shipping tube like the Acurit Mailing Tube or the Acurit Colorview Tube.

The Acurit Mailing Tube features a double layered cardboard core for extra protection with round metal disk ends so that the tube wont lose shape, dent, bend or break during shipping. When carrying them by hand or car, they are more than easy to carry.

The Acurit Colorview Tubes are made of a durable plastic for even stronger protection and are see through for quick and easy identification of artwork and also offer UV protection. The Colorview tubes are moisture proof as well and are great for safe shipping. Another great quality of them is that if you were to check them on a plane, they would be more than easy to pick out at baggage. The Colorview tubes also feature a handy and adjustable shoulder strap for easy handling.

Jerry's Artarama also carries unique shipping boxes perfect to mail or ship framed artwork, canvases or frames. ezART Shippers are an easy way to make sure your art arrives safely. Made from a sturdy corrugated cardboard, the eZART shippers sport an inner plastic pocket to hold your framed artwork or canvas snug against a shock absorbing inner piece before being boxed up firmly with plenty of protection. It is easy and simple to assemble and promises to keep your art from shifting around. This two piece shipper is available in four different dimensions and can hold art to 2.5" deep.

Another way to protect your artwork from damage at a very low cost is to get Corrugated Corners for your framed work. These corners will stop art from sliding around the back of a moving truck, stop minor scratches and acts as an easy buffer between other packed pieces of art if you are shipping large amounts of it. They come in bulk packs so they are ideal for galleries, art teachers or art related small businesses. They also only take seconds to assemble so you won't have to stress over time or your art getting damaged.

Insurance and Shipping Tips

While the right packaging can set your mind at ease, it is always helpful to insure your packages when shipping them in order to have your work covered to the value it is worth with minimal loss if the worst should happen. The Post Office, FedEx and UPS all offer insurance policies to protect your art's value. Be mindful however as FedEX will only insure artwork up to $1000 while UPS will insure art up to $50,000.

Another handy tip is to always mail things with clear labels and make sure the inner items have your name and address on them. This is especially important for art shows and gallery showings. If you plan to have your work mailed back to you after a showing, keeping a name and address attached to the artwork will make things easier and almost guarantees that your art wont get lost even if the shipping papers get lost.

For more shipping and handling information on art and helpful products, Check out Jerry's Artarama Art Shipping Supplies Page. Have any helpful shipping and mailing tips yourself? Let us know about them in the comments below.   



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