Home Art Studio Is Full of Fall Fun

Looking for a fun activity with your kids this Holiday Season?

The Home Art Studio, a popular resource for kids K-5, came out with their own Holiday Arts and Crafts DVD full of instructions on fun crafts for you guessed it, the Holidays!

Perfect for this time of year, this dvd includes two craft activities and a one food art project for holidays such as 

  • Valentines Day
  • Easter
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving 
  • and Christmas


Follow helpful Ms. Volin as she guides you and your children through kid friendly activities to do during the holidays. Projects are all geared towards grade levels K-5 and each project comes with a list of recommended supplies or recipes. 

So if you're interested in following along with any of these festive projects:

  • Valentines day: Hanging Heart Suncatcher, Heart Flowers, Pizza Heart
  • Easter: Call Lily Flowers, Bird Centerpiece, Jelly Bean Nests
  • Halloween: Candy Corn Garland, Monster Treat Bags, Haunted Caramel Apples
  • Thanksgiving: Corn Wreath, Turkey Pinwheels, TeePees
  • Christmas: Snowman Pencils Toppers, Elf Silverware Holders, Marshmallow Dippers

Check out the Home Art Studio Holiday Arts and Crafts DVD!



Artist Spotlight Reviews-Vanish 4-in-1 Artist Eraser by Elizabeth Gyles Johnson

A Review of the Vanish 4-in-1 Artist Eraser


A Review of the 

Vanishing 4-in-1 Artist Eraser

by Elizabeth Gyles Johnson, artist and art instructor

Elizabeth Gyles Johnson of Wind and Honey Creations is a pencil artist who focuses her art on the delights of life.  Elizabeth teaches the intricacies of drawing at all skill levels to a collection of students worldwide through online workshops and classes at  Learn more about Elizabeth in our featured Artist Spotlight post, and enjoy her demonstration here of the Vanishing 4-in-1 Artist Eraser

As an artist who works predominantly in artist's pencils of various kinds, I have to admit that I am very picky about my erasers.  They must work well, efficiently, and cleanly.  There are a lot of popular erasers that I won't even purchase because they are not up to my standards.  My drawing students can attest to this.  So, when I first saw the claims made by the Vanishing 4-in-1 Artist Eraser I was hopeful but skeptical. 

I am so pleased to tell you that the Vanishing 4-in-1 Artist Eraser met all my expectations and more.  This eraser works cleanly and efficiently on graphite, charcoal, colored pencil, soft pastels, and even the challenging conte' crayon.  I have to say that I was impressed.   It can easily replace most of the other erasers I have used.  It worked smoothly and gently with even the lightest of papers.  And left no smearing or residue on the surface.

I enjoy the shape of the Vanishing 4-in-1 Artist Eraser.  It is a block that fits nicely in my hand.  The straight edges help to create clean lines when erasing and the corners can even be used for very small areas.  This eraser comes with a thin cardboard like cover.  I like leaving that cover on mine to help keep it clean.  But you can take it off if you prefer. 

Try the Vanishing 4-in-1 Artist Eraser.  The cost is minimal and the benefits are huge.  Next time you order from Jerry's Artarama be sure and add some of these erasers to your list.  


Vanishing 4-in-1 Artist Eraser
Mungyo Gallery Soft Pastels
Derwent Graphic Pencil
UART Premium Sanded Pastel Paper
Artist Survival Book
Reflexions Pocket Journal
Conte' Crayons


Watch as Elizabeth demonstrates the Vanishing 4-in-1Artist Eraser with several media


Elizabeth Gyles Johnson purchases all of her artist pencils from Jerry's Artarama because of their customer service and great packing of delicate artist pencils for shipping. Here are some other drawings Elizabeth has done with pencils purchased from Jerry's Artarama.



Happy Birthday Paul Signac

This French Painter who helped develop Pointillism would be 151 today


Born in Paris on November 11th, 1863, this Neo-Impressionist painter came into the world with a mission to pursue a career as a painter. Inspired by an exhibit of Claude Monet's paintings, Paul Signac sailed around the great coasts of Europe painting impressionistic landscapes along the way.

In 1884, Signac met Georges Seurat and was inspired by him to take a systematic approach to the impressionistic style he had been taken with in Monet's work. Although he experimented with a variety of media including etchings, lithographs and pen and ink sketches, his true artistic calling was in oil and watercolor painting

Although many of his earlier works reflected the Impressionist movement with light but visible brush strokes, and a strong emphasis on the he took after Georges Seurat and adopted and help spread the style of Pointillism. Pointillism is best defined by its style in which small, distinct dots or points of a solid color are painted or plotted in a pattern to form an image. It is also sometimes called divisionism. 

Paul Signac left a legacy as a painter by being an early adopter of the Pointillism style and served as president of the Société des Artistes Indépendants from 1908 until the year of his death, 1935. In this position he was well known for exhibiting controversial artists and inspiring new and younger artists. He was even the first person to buy a painting from Henri Matisse! He died at age 71.

If he were alive today, he would have been 151 years old and with his great legacy to the world of art, we have to say, Happy Birthday Paul Signac!

Major Works by Paul Signac



Portrait of Felix Feneon, 1890 (Strong example of Pointillism)


Road to Gennevilliers, 1883 (Example of his earlier work in Impressionism)


Grand Canal (Venice), 1905


Capo di Noli, 1898

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