Think Pink with Jerry's for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Win  A Free Watch from Jerry's in this Contest Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness!

Jerry's Artarama has always supported Breast Cancer Awareness and in one of our easier contests to enter, Jerry's is giving away free Pink Jerry's Artarama Watches!

Thats right! Jerry's is giving away 50 exclusive Jerry's Artarama Pink Collectable Watches to 50 lucky people. You could win one of these today!


How to Enter

All thats needed for a chance to win big with this contest is to simply Like us on Facebook. Thats all you need. Just like Jerry's Artarama Facebook Fan Page and you can be one of the lucky fifty to win.

Other Ways to Win

We are also giving away pink watches to customers at Jerrysartarama.com with purchases of $30 or more in the following paint brands during the month of October:

 Can you think of a trendier way to sport your support? Which way will you support Breast Cancer Awareness and Win one of these Cool Watches? 



Win a $5000 Scholarship from Jerry's

Jerry's is Giving Away a Scholarship to a Special Young Artist!


This year, with the help of several sponsors and friends, Jerrys will empower one young artist with a scholarship award of $5000 as well as an eGift Card worth $500 in art supplies from Jerrysartarama.com. Jerry's is searching out a young talented Graduate Student, Undergraduate Student or High School Senior who is going into the arts. Apply today for your chance to win the Jerry's Artarama 2014 Art Scholarship!

We've had so many wonderful entries this year that we decided to up the ante some. We are increasing the prizes from just one winner to 6 winners. Now, Five lucky entrants will be entered for the chance to win an additional $100 scholarship with each of those five winners winning a $15 Jerry's eGift card. 

Remember, this contest ends October 31st so enter now!

The Scholarship

One $5000 non-renewable scholarship will be awarded to one special student artist to be used towards tuition and fees required by their educational institution. In addition to tuition and fees, a $500 eGift card to Jerrysartarama.com will be provided to the student to use on art supplies and materials. Jerry's will also throw in a $250 Supply Pack to the student's chosen Art Department!

An additional 5 lucky entrants will each win a $100 Prize plus a Jerry's Artarama $15 eGift Card

How to Qualify

There are two ways to apply for this scholarship.

1.) Students can nominate themselves- If you're a student in a fine art program or headed into one, fill out the entry form, tell us your story and show us your artwork!

2.) Teachers can nominate their artistic students who stand out in class. Nominate them and tell us why they should be chosen and show us their work and in addition to that student being nominated for the award, you will receive a $250 value Supply Pack (Oils, Watercolors, Drawing or Acrylics) for your school's art department.

You can fill out your entry form on our special Scholarship Page.

Contenders will be judged on artwork submitted(in the discipline in which they are pursuing a degree in) and an essay answering these questions:

  • Students- Why do you want to be an artist? What inspired you to do so? What do the arts mean to you? What are your future plans within the art community?
  • Teachers- Why should this student receive this scholarship? How have they shown commitment to the arts? What are their future plans? How are they working towards becoming an artist?

Additional information is required as well.

Sign up by October 31st, 2014 to qualify. Entries will be evaluated by a jury of creative professionals and a recipient chosen based on the criteria perviously set forth with emphasis on the essay portion and artwork submitted. The winning recipient will be chosen in November, notified and announced on our website and social media.

To enter, read the rules or find out more information about Jerry's Artarama 2014 Art Scholarship, check out our Art Scholarship Page!

Good Luck Future Artists! 

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Jerry's Artarama 2014 Online Summer Contests Winners

Give a Big Hand for the Winners of the 2014 Summer Charvin Painting Contest and the 2014 Summer Mungyo Gallery Pastels Contest

Jerry's Artarama is the proud host of many exciting art contests including our recently completed 2014 Summer Contest Series. With our many yearly contests, Artists have the opportunity to share their art with the world as well as gain fabulous prizes from Jerry's such as Jerry's Artarama eGift Cards

And now we give you the winners of our two most recent contests with Charvin and Mungyo, the 2014 Summer Charvin Painting Contest and the 2014 Summer Mungyo Gallery Pastels Contest:


First Place

Winner: Nancy Andresen of Gypsum, Colorado


"Lone Eyes"

"I enjoy the pleasurable feel of Charvin- A wonderful palette of colors to work with, high quality, and immensely satisfying."

Second Place

Winner: Cande Sagan of Hammond Indiana


"The Unseen"

"I have been using Charvin oils for many years now and I continue to be amazed and excited to paint with the rich buttery colors that are so vivid and true to life. They will always be on palette for every painting I do."

Third Place

Winner: Marie Linnus of Delray Beach, Florida



"Over the years I have tried most of the major oil paints and find the very consistency of texture and blendability of Charvin oil paint is always there. Very happy with the constant results I can achieve with Charvin. Thank you Charvin."

Click here to see our Honorable Mentions


First Place

Winner: Celeste Rickert of Tomball, Texas


"American Beauty"

"There seriously is only one word to describe Mungyo Gallery soft pastels...AMAZING!!! I have been working with pastels for almost a year now and honestly can say hands down, these are the best. I have tried every pastel imaginable out there and you can not go wrong with these. Whether you're a beginner or expert in the medium, there is no other brand with the type of texture and pigment like Mungyo. Thank you Jerry's for carrying these! Not sure what I'd do without you guys!"

 Second Place

Winner: Pam Neighbors of Clemmons, North Carolina


"Early Dance"

"My appreciation for Mungyo pastels continues to grow. Because of the excellent quality, wide range of colors, and affordable price, I am always happy to recommend these pastels to other artists. Thank you for creating such a fine product. It is a pleasure to create paintings with them."

Third Place

Winner: Debbie Anderson of Macon, Georgia



"I have used Mungyo Gallery Soft Square Pastels for over 10 years. The sticks are firm enough to allow for a crisp edge, yet soft enough for superb blending."

Click here to see our Honorable Mentions

Congrats to all of our winners. For your chance to show off your work and win fabulous prizes and Jerry's eGift Cards, be sure to check out our Contest Page for our many art contests we host throughout the year!

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