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Whats in the bag? Whats in the bag? The question of the hour is what exactly is Jerry's giving away in it's big SoHo Mystery Boat Bag giveaway!

We won't tell, but we will tell you that it does contain a $50 eGift Card to Jerry's Artarama Online Superstore and up to $150 of mystery art supplies, a $300 total prize value with our impressive Large SoHo Urban Artist Boat Bag.


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Top 5 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Time to Make Art

Let's Make a Case for Fall!

We at Jerry's Artarama get pretty excited this time of year. Art lovers across the country should know that Fall is the best time for Art. Outside, a crisp breeze is blowing and the leaves are turning the best colors. For of each of us, it's time for us to get excited as artists, because as we all know, Fall is the best time for art! 


1. No Sweat on your Palette


Right now is the perfect time to get outdoors and paint en Plein Air. For once you don't have to worry about the heat and you can paint without the sun being too bright, the air being too cold like in Winter and the air is crisp unlike in Spring when it is full of pollen. And you can carry less water with you, either for drinking in the heat or misting your paints. It is objectively the best time to paint outside.


2. Break Out the Colors


Here on the east coast, people flock for hundreds of miles to see the leaves change in the northeast, Smokey Mountain National Park and Shenandoah National Park. People love the colors. They are rich and bright and beautiful this time of year. So why not pull out your reds, yellows, and siennas and start painting.


3. Fall Has the Best Art Shows


Fall is the season for art shows. In New York City alone, the MoMA is featuring a show on Henri Matisse through the winter, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is running an exhibit megashow featuring El Greco and there are over 25 more shows happening in the various museums this fall. The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago is running an exhibit called David Bowie Is through January 4th. Fall is a hot time for new art so make sure you get out to your local art museum and see a variety of new exhibits.


4. Fall has the Best Art Contests

Feeling inspired by all of the Art Shows of Fall? Show off your own work in Jerry's Fall Painting Contests. Jerry's is running two contests right now through December 31st where your best work can win you $2,250 in prizes! Jerry's has partnered with Matisse Derivan and SoHo Urban Artist  to create two painting contests for all of our artists to show us what they're made of this Fall. 


5. Fall has the Best Savings for Art Supplies


Between the Back to School Savings and our Black Friday/Cyber Monday and Holiday Sale savings, Jerry's saves the best deals for the best part of the year for creating art. Whether you are just getting inspired to start Art or you're a seasoned professional, Jerry's Artarama has the best deals for getting more out of your art supplies. 

Fall is the game changer for artists, so grab your art supplies and get out there before Winter hits and White becomes the color most used on your palette for a few months.


Winsor and Newton Helps Disabled Artists Create Mind Art with their Brains

Chinese 'Mind Art' Project Raises Awareness for Disabled Rights 


Image via

Winsor & Newton, a fine arts materials supplier founded in 1832 has always been dedicated to the mix of science and art and is now using that blend of interests to help raise awareness for an underrepresented subset of people. There is an estimated 83 million Chinese people with Disabilities who have access to very little national support. To raise awareness and support, Winsor & Newton teamed up with artist Jody Xiong.

The project is called 'Mind Art', art and science mingle as mental prowess and self expression are used to create abstract masterpieces with the help of nueroscience and Winsor & Newton paints. 



For the project, sixteen people with disabilities were invited to strap into a headset containing a processing unit that connects electronic signals from the brain to set off paint filled balloons in an quadrangle of canvases. The participants could set off paint explosions with self chosen pigments of paint. With enough concentration, neural signals are sent and the paint filled balloons are detonated in an explosion of color and movement. The result is a beautiful and abstract splatter showing that its not always whats on the outside, but whats on the inside that makes us artists.


Touring twenty-two cities in China, the 'Mind Art' Exhibition has raised about $130,000 to support charities working with disabilities through sales of the art work. The exhibition was viewed by approximately fifty thousand people each week. 

'Mind Art'


Image via


Image via


Image via


What do you think about this project? What is the most creative way you've used Winsor & Newton paints?

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