Practice with Gesture Motion Drawings

This Handy Exercise will Teach you how to Capture Motion and Perspective

Just as an athlete must warm up before a sporting event, art journaling is the artist's warm up. A great way to stretch out your perspective and focus is through the art of "Gesture Drawing."


A Gesture Drawing is typically defined as a quick study that captures movement or action. Gesture drawings are typically used as a warm up for many drawing classes. Some teachers will have their students draw a model in pose in a quick time frame from thirty seconds to up to two minutes. Just like stretching, this helps the artist loosen up both physically and mentally when practicing, allowing for less stiff drawing later on. Subjects for gesture drawing typically involve models, performers, athletes and animals. 

This sort of practice and repetition of drawing a figure very quickly can also help artist's understand human proportions better when taking on larger art projects. Many artists will start with gesture drawings before tackling a portrait or self portrait to quickly train their minds to capture the subject's movements, actions and directions, which are often overlooked in longer sessions. It can also give an artist a chance to draw or sketch more difficult and strenuous poses or actions that can't be held for a long period of time like a live figure drawing. Some artists who just seek to capture a specific moment or movement can definitely consider their gesture drawing as an end product and learn something for future drawings.

Gesture Drawings 

Time must be emphasized when gesture drawing. An appropriate amount of time must be given per difficulty of the subject. If too much detail is drawn in, the exercise goes from a quick study to rendering your drawing. The key is to let the mind get the basics down. When the time is short, each line becomes more economical and and the rapidness of the sketch forces the artist to concentrate on the essence of the pose rather than other common factors such as the lighting of the subject or background. 

As an art journaling exercise, any artist will likely see a greater realism and change in perspective of their drawings. The artist who practices this gains an intuitiveness of the figure that will not only improve the skill and execution of future drawings and sketches, but also save time in which those sketches are executed. These are the benefits of gesture drawing while journaling.

Just as an athlete needs the proper tools to train, using the right tools when art journaling or sketching on the go is vital to the artist's performance. A durable sketchbook like the Reflexions Field Sketch Book can provide the perfect backing and support for a quick and comfortable drawing experience. Or, if utility is more important, the Artist Survival Book makes for a versatile journal. It has three different types of pages, lined, gridded and plain paper and even a pen loop attached for easy handling.

As time is of the essence, not only is the right sketchbook, but also, the right drawing tool is essential. With a Jerry's Jumbo Jet black Pencil, any artist can achieve dark, thick and defined lines for the perfect gesture drawing. If accuracy is more important, the Isomars Technoart Technical Drawing Pens can achieve perfect line structure to make sure that drawing is perfect in the short amount of time available.

With the right sketchbook and drawing tool, an artist can practice this anywhere there are people or subjects in motion. A trip to the park on a lunch-break, or quick shopping excursion to the mall can give an artist any excuse to practice. As each drawing should only take up to two minutes at the most, it barely occupies any time and can still give an artist valuable experience. The exercise is also more tricky than it looks. As artists, our eyes often direct us to the details, while gesture drawing forces us to see the forms and movement behind each detail and recognize those things very quickly. 

To learn more about art journaling and how it can benefit you as an artist, check out our article Art Journaling Can Improve Your Creativity and to see more on motion capturing art and gestures, see our recent artist spotlight profile on Justyn Farano of in Justyn Farano of Sports Art Illustrated in Jerry's Artist Spotlight.


Mother's Day Art Contest Winners

Lets Give a Big Hand for Our Contest Winners!


We had a great turnout for our Mother's Day Art Contest. Our winners each won an eGift Card to Jerry's Artarama online store. Keep up with our Contest Page to stay up to date on upcoming contests and your chance to win some fabulous prizes. 

Here are our Mother's Day Art Contest Winners:

First Place

A Mother's Warmth

by Chithra Priya Janadhana (Drawing) 

"I am a graphite and color pencil artist, I was inspired by a metallic statue, that inspired me to do this art with graphite. I wanted to get the shine of metal with just a pencil. And this was a gift for my mom last year for the mother's day."- Chithra Priya janadhana 

Wins a $150 eGift Card to


Second Place 

Mother and Daughter

by Azalea Rodriguez (Drawing)


"My cousin was using my family as her subject to photograph, and since my brother didn't want to be photographed, my mother called me. The result was a beautiful photograph, one that is my mom's favorite. I used the photograph as a reference for this drawing."- Azalea Rodriguez

Wins a $75 eGift Card to


Third Place

The Greatest Love is a Mother's Love

by Christian Comacho (acrylic)


"Inspired by my sister's pregnancy, and the love she already had for her unborn child. When a woman is pregnant there is a radiance or glow about them and I wanted to capture that in a painting."- Christian Comacho

Wins a $50 eGift Card to

To see our other entries and more Mother's Day Art, check out our Mother's Day Art Contest Page. Jerry's Artarama always has contests running. To find out more about current and upcoming contests,keep up to date with our Contest Page.


Justyn Farano of Sports Art Illustrated in Jerry's Artist Spotlight

Premier Sports and Entertainment Portraitist has painted Jordan, Jeter, Manning and many more 

Born in Fort Meyers, Florida in 1979, Justyn Farano's passion for sports and art began during his childhood as he started oil painting at the young age of 13. Influenced by sports-artists such as Stephen Holland, Farano's art has evolved into it's own style and taken him into the stratosphere, painting remarkable representations of Athletes and Entertainers. 


After studying drawing and painting at the University of Tampa and earning a degree in 2002, Justyn became the Official Artist of the Ted Williams Museum and sells his paintings and prints at He has painted live at many big sporting events including Red Sox games at Fenway Park, the Super Bowl, MLB All-Star games, the World Series and even Muhammad Ali's Celebrity Fight Night.

Justyn's style is energetic, capturing the heat of a pitch or touch down sprint to the goal line with expert contrast and vibrant color schemes. His works include many modern elements with a flair of old school sports cards and programs of games gone by. His paintings each tell their own story with a mix of articulated realism and inspired backgrounds. His attention to fine details specifically stands out among his long list of painting talents, as his brush never misses a hair or wrinkle in a jersey. 

"In each painting, capturing the true essence of my subject is paramount. I focus on creating an intense, highly emotional moment that grasps the viewer. Using techniques and an innovative perspective I achieve close attention to detail, which has enabled me to develop my unique style. It's gratifying for me as a realist; to create a powerful portrayal of my subjects that alters one's views and suprpasses my previous works. It is a dream come true doing what I enjoy and love most"- Justyn Farano

TV Spots

Justyn's Interview with MLBtv circa 2009

Justyn's Interview with YES Network, January 2014

Celebrity Clients

Farano's name is known far and wide in the entertainment world with celebrity clients and collectors of his works including Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning, Derek Jeter, Drew Brees, Bill Belicheck, Colin Kaepernick, Mike Ditka, Jerry Rice, Nolan Ryan, Evan Longoria and even musicians Rhianna, Gene Simmons among many, many more. His paintings even hang and decorate the player's club house of the New York Yankees and John Henry's (Red Sox Team Owner) Personal Suite. His artwork can be found in many different stadiums, art enthusiasts and professional athlete's homes. 

Clockwise: Justyn with Emmit Smith, Justyn with Jerry Rice and Eddie Bartolo, Justyn with Wife Dana and Colin Kaepernick, Justyn with Cal Ripken Jr

Justyn Painting outside the Red Sox Clubhouse


He is also heavily active and involved in several charities including Major League Baseball's Charity Hop, the Mike Alstott Family Foundation, the Hamel's Foundation, the Jimmy Fund and many more. Before Jerry Rice was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2010, San Francisco 49ers Owner Eddie Bartolo commissioned Justyn to paint a portrait of Rice which fetched $100,000 for charity!

 If you've enjoyed Farano's work so far, you can find out more about him as he will be working with the Splatter to bring you more insight into the Sports Art world and to see more of Justyn's paintings, check out





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