2014 Charvin Winter Painting Contest Winners

Lets Give a Big Hand to our Winners!

This year, our fans really raised the talent level with more great entries than ever in our 2014 Charvin Winter Painting Contest. For $2,250 in eGift Cards to on the line, we saw amazing talent with Charvin's Extra Fine Oils and Acrylics. To see more entries and our ten honorable mentions, be sure to check out our 2014 Charvin Winter Painting Contest Page!

Announcing our Winners:


First Place Winner

"Who is John Galt"
by Angieszka Bernstein of San Fransisco, CA

"For an oil painter, the quality of paints one works with is one of the major factors in achieving success. For me, Charvin fine oils have been essential in creating great work- their quality is consistent and after being used to them, this speeds up my work process. The pigments are strong, not chalky and they have a great body. The tubes never fail so I've never had any unpleasant surprises with a broken cap that can cause the paint to dry out or spill. I highly recommend Charvin fine oils to students and professionals alike."


Second Place Winner

"Water's Edge"
by Cande Sagan of Hammond, IN

"I have used Charvin's oil and acrylics for all my paintings for years now. I find the quality superior to any other paints and I would never change. I really enjoy the colors and the texture of the paint. I am a fan for life!"


Third Place Winner

"1956 Fin"
by Victor Vicini of Livoinia, Michigan

"I love the Charvin line of extra fine oil colors! The colors are pure and brilliant and I can use most of the straight out of the tube with no mixing. There's already a perfect hue for anything in the universe I want to paint. They also blend well. I will always have Charvin on my pallette."

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2014 Lukas Winter Painting Contest Winners!

Congratulations to our big winners!

Announcing the winners of our 2014 LUKAS Winter Painting Contest. We had so many great submissions this year for our painting contest it was tough to choose a winner. With $2,250 in prize money for the winners, the stakes were high but our artists came through with amazing submissions of artistic expertise. To see our honorable mentions and more submissions, be sure to check out our 2014 LUKAS Winter Painting Contest Page. So without further ado, here are our First, Second and Third Place winners

First Place Winner

"Waiting on Sunset"
by Colin Mead of Wayland Michigan

"I first started using Lukas Water Mixable Oils when Jerry's Artarama sponsored a very nice sale on them. Being new to oil painting, I have not tried too many different manufacturers of oil paints. However, because of the great price, I purchased 22 tubes in various colors, using my usual dual primary system. I like the nice, buttery consistency and the ease of mixing the colors. I am very pleased with the colors that I purchased and will buy them again!"


Second Place Winner

"Ancestral Still Life"
by Jeriann Boniello of White Plains, NY

"As an oil painter, I was pleased to discover that Lukas Berlin Water Mixable Oil Paints offer an environmentally-friendly product. the paints have a rich, creamy quality that offer a wide variety of colors that are affordable. I love conforming and drying faster with Lukas Berlin Water Mixable Oils! My visions reach their maximum potential thanks to these great Lukas Oil Products."


Third Place Winner

"Independent Agent"
by Bruce Mitchell of Durham, NC

"I only use Lukas oil paints in my work. The Lukas 1862 oil line consistently gives me precise control over every aspect of its application, from underpainting through final glazing. I find these paints to be superior to others I have used. I love their buttery consistency and fast drying times."

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What's the Buzz- SoHo Colored Pencils

Want Unbeatable Color Pencils at an Unbeatable Value?


In this edition of Whats the Buzz, we're talking about SoHo Urban Artist Colored Pencils. These colored pencils have been extremely popular over the years and we've received a ton of great reviews and emails from our customers and fans about how much they like them. 

Each colored pencil contains vibrant color and a high lightfast rating. It has a smooth consistency that wont come off as waxy like some other colored pencils which means less smudging and easy layering. SoHo Colored Pencils were developed with Cretacolor of Austria, so you know you're getting superb quality for unprecedented value. But hey, if you dont believe me, listen to what our customers and real artists have to say about these great colored pencils, and see What the Buzz is all about:

"Colors are rich, bold and very durable; soft enough to blend beautifully, yet sturdy enough that they won't run quickly or break easily." -Kim Maselli, professional artist

Sunflower by Kim Maselli with SoHo Colored Pencils 

"Used in mixed media, and on their own. The leads are very creamy, and blend nicely. So far they sharpen without the lead falling out, which was a huge problem with the brand I've been using [before]. So far I have all pros about this product, and no cons. If you are considering purchasing these pencils, whether new to colored pencils or looking for a change...these are the way to go. The money was very well spent, and I see these pencils lasting a long time. I will be replacing each pencil (when worn) with the same pencil. Thank you SoHo!" -Anonymous

"These are the best colored pencils I have seen for the (sale price) money. I got enough for each of my students to have a set to start them out with quality pencils at an affordable price." -Anonymous

"I love these pencils! They have a hexagonal barrel, which is easier on my hands. The leads glide really smooth, and they blend well. I got the 24 count set and I feel like I've got every color of the rainbow. Another plus is that unlike some pencils, these do not smudge on a lefty's hand when working over already worked areas. The pencils are perfect, and the cost is very affordable. I'd definitely buy these again. If another person is skeptical on buying these, try a small will love them!" -Gess Lee

"I got a set of these because they were made in conjunction with Cretacolor;ie. same color range. I have a set of the Cretacolor AquaMonolith woodless watercolor pencils I've used for years. In some cases I use the regular colored pencils with them and the Prisma's didn't combine well(too waxy?). Now with the SoHo's I have a compatible set that works perfectly with the AquaMonoliths, no guesswork about color match, superb blendability, etc. They also blend well with the Prisma's, so I have more colors! Now all I need is for someone to make a pencil case big enough to hold them all!!!" -Anonymous

"This product was just what I thought I would get when I purchased it. Produces a nice finish and easy to use. Would definitely recommend it. Thanks JerrysArtarama!"- JMess

If you need any more reason to try these colored pencils, Jerry's is offering a special exclusive deal:

Have you tried SoHo Urban Artist Colored Pencils? If you have, then don't hesitate and let us know what you think of them (or with any product of ours that you've tried)! We love your feedback and you may just see your own review here on our next edition of What's the Buzz!

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