SPARKcon 2010

This past Friday, I went to Fayetteville St in downtown Raleigh to see the beginning of SPARKcon.  Walking down the street, I saw the artists beginning their chalk drawings for the street painting.  It was great talking to the young artists who were out there and excited about art. 

After the street artists, I got to see the Artist Pods.  artSPARK rented P.O.D.s that were used for artist installations by Julia Gartrell, Ann Marie Kennedy, Stacey L. Kirby, Kelly Murray, and Matthew Zigler.  i got the chance to speak with Stacey about her installation.  It was great to be a part of her work and to see what "belongings" people carried with them. 

Just to explain...participants filled out a form (similar to a customs declaration form) where they listed everything they had on them.  However, in Stacey's installation, a "belonging" ranged from your chapstik to a feeling.  When I finished filling out my declaration form, I was instructed to file it alphabetically and was then given permission to sift through and see what others had brought with them.




Art of the Carolinas Update - September 21

Christina and I have been very busy planning for the big event in November! Thank you to all of you that are taking advantage of our wonderful workshop offerings at the show. We have heard all of the excitement in the air from each of you and that just adds to the fun we have in store for you! So get ready for a wonderful time. If you have not signed up for your favorite classes, you might want to do so now.  At this point in time, most workshops have space available, but if history serves us correctly, they will start to sell out by the first of October, so do not procrastinate any more!

Rooms at the hotel are going fairly quickly, so if you haven’t made your reservations yet, you may want to give them a call now while rooms are still available at our discounted rate. Call the Hilton North Raleigh/Midtown at 919-872-2323 and let them know you are with Art of the Carolinas. You will receive our discounted rate of $104 per night.

One of the gifts the students will be receiving is a 10th annual tee. I wanted to do something different than we have in the past, so I decided to hand dye these shirts at my house. Uh, what was I thinking? Actually they are turning out really awesome, but it is taking forever and a day to get them all dyed, dried, folded, rolled and tied. So far I have almost 500 completed. That’s two thirds! T-shirts are taking over my house. But actually, it’s very good therapy, and if you know me, you know I need my therapy!

Well, enjoy the colors so far in the photos below! Now it’s time to get back to work…



Outside The Lines -Artist Video Mockumentary

Outside The Lines - Dynamics of Young Artists



What "Outside The Lines" is all about...

Outside the Lines is a pilot comedy show based around four very different art school students. Filmed in a mockumentary style, the show examines the dynamics of young artists' minds, perceptions, hopes, dreams, and mishaps.

Playing on the insecurities and the search for identity during those trying times as an emerging artist, Outside the Lines seeks not only entertain, but to encourage its viewers to create more art.

This program contains mild* adult situations. Viewer discretion is advised.

Should we continue with the pilot?

We are looking to get get feedback on this video.

Please comment on the video in the comments box below. 

Please rate this video video by clicking on Star you would to rate it as.  We appreciate your feedback and look forward to your help!



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