Prismacolor Brings "Art Uninhibited" to Life in New Website


CHICAGO, March 22, 2010 — With the digital space as its canvas, Prismacolor®, a leader in professional quality art markers, pencils, and supplies, launched a bold and engaging new website today, giving artists of all forms and styles a new medium through which to express themselves and communicate with their peers.

The site, created by Draftfcb Chicago, includes a virtual art gallery where visitors can rate and comment on submitted artwork, a digital color coordinator that converts color hues to Prismacolor colors, and a downloadable color chart for easy matching.
In addition to showcasing Prismacolor's assortment of products, the site enables users to explore the dynamic art world, discovering and trading tips and techniques, locating exhibits and events in their area and most importantly, providing a space where artists can share their work.

"Creating a sense of community was extremely important to us in the development of our new website," said Sheryl Rosa, Prismacolor senior brand manager. "Artists want a space where they can share their ideas and work with their peers while receiving honest and meaningful feedback. Prismacolor now offers a place to where artists can have that exchange." will also feature 19 artists from across the U.S. who use Prismacolor products. Each artist will have samples of his/her work featured, along with a bio, a list of favorite products, personal tips and techniques and a brief interview.

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While the site was specifically designed to meet the needs of art professors, fine artists, fashion designers, architects and all who work with dry forums, the ability to share work is open to all artists.
"In developing the website, we wanted the site to be indicative of the artists' lifestyle," said Jennifer Rowland, EVP, group account management director at Draftfcb Chicago. "A fundamental aspect of that lifestyle is the ability to connect with peers. Through the Studio section of the website, users can engage with others depending on their comfort level. It is this shared experience that really makes this site stand out."

"The new site is more about the artists than the Prismacolor brand," said Sally Grimes, VP of Marketing for Prismacolor at Newell Rubbermaid Office Products. "It's a showcase of their passion and spirit, and we expect it will become a wonderful representation of those virtues going forward."

Prismacolor products include colored pencils, art markers, pastels, charcoal and graphite. All are made from high quality pigments and are available in more than 100 colors, providing artists with the tools they need to express their artistic vision in full color. Prismacolor also offers a variety of erasers, fixatives and art accessories.

To share your work and experience art uninhibited, visit
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About Prismacolor®

Best known for quality tools for art students, teachers and design professionals, Prismacolor has been a leader in professional art supplies for more than 70 years. Newell Rubbermaid Office Products, maker of Prismacolor® markers, pastels, and colored pencils, is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and marketing of writing instruments, art products and office organization and technology products, including such well known brands as Paper Mate®, Sharpie®, DYMO® Parker®, Waterman®, EXPO®, uni-ball®, and Rolodex®, among others. Visit for more information.

About Draftfcb

Draftfcb is the first holistic, global marketing communications agency to operate against a single P&L, with a network that spans 96 countries and employs more than 9,500 people. The agency is driven by The 6.5 Seconds That MatterSM, a creative expression recognizing the brief period of time marketers have to capture consumers' attention and motivate them to act. With nearly 140 years of combined expertise, Draftfcb has roots in both consumer advertising and behavioral, data-driven direct marketing. It firmly believes there is no way to separate creativity from accountability, which it refers to as Return on IdeasSM. The agency is part of the Interpublic Group of Companies (NYSE:IPG). For more information, visit

Making a Statement on eBay by Miles Wickham


I posted a piece of art on Ebay at $21 Million "or best offer," as a suggestion by a friend to get more traffic to my page. A couple of days later, after a long hard 13 hour day at work, coming in and out of flu symptoms, I come home at 2am to see someone has made an offer on the piece. I was so excited someone found interest in my art! Of course I did not expect 8 digits, and wasn't even concerned about the price, because I was so thrilled about someones interest!
Offer - $1.00.

As anyone might guess, the typical reaction I had was that of insult, and it totally brought me down. This person was using me to make a statement about  her own opinion, either that my art was no good, or not worth anything, or that she was projecting some inaccurate arrogance on me.

As i went to bed, something clicked in my mind...or maybe my heart.

Who am I to assume I know her intentions, and to react off of my own assumption and projections, just as I assume she has done with me. I do not like the idea that an assumption has been made about me and that it is appropriate to react in a negative way through that. So i shall do unto others as I would like done unto me. why recreate the usual human scenario, fighting fire with fire, you reject me, ill reject you?  its never created any solutions, so why not make a change. Why not do as martial arts teaches me; take what comes, send what goes. So I took her offer, for the sake of my practice of integrity. I assume she did not expect me to accept, and my hope is that she will reevaluate her intentions.

No, I don't want to give my art away, but if there is a chance to show someone there are new choices to make in our everyday relationships, ones that can bring us together, that there's nothing to lose, then by all means I will take it!


First Plein Air of 2010 by Wilson Bickford


It has been "unseasonably" warm here in northern New York the past several days. Temperatures have been in the 60's, which is practically unheard of for March. The forecast says we can plan on this break not lasting and we'll be back to reality next week.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, so I hauled out my travel easel and paints and headed out for something scenic to paint.

Pictured here is the result of my little field trip. This is a spot located just a very few miles down the road from me. With the snow melting and all the run-off, this spot was "percolating." Just rushing water! This is the view from the bridge, which is where I set up shop. It's a secondary road, so traffic is minimal and I managed to squeeze into a safer perch behind a guardrail.

Though most of the "ground snow" is gone now, there is still a lot of snow and ice around the river and nearby banks. This particular view is hemmed in with lots of evergreens and cedars and the sunlight that was bathing them resulted in some vivid greens. It was eye-catching and I couldn't have found a nicer spot to try and capture.

I got most of this down and recorded on the spot and finished the closer bark trees when I returned home. I've been waiting all winter to get out and do some painting, so this was a great opportunity for it. I hope the good weather holds on a little longer.

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