Free Video Art Lessons Break 1000 Mark

Jerry's Artarama now has over ONE THOUSAND Free Video Art Lessons!

Drum roll please! We at Jerry's Artarama are crazy excited that we have now posted more than a thousand videos to our Free Video Art Lessons page! You read that correctly: over one thousand. And as the name implies, they are available to everyone with an internet connection at no charge whatsoever! We are so pleased to announce that, after investing $3,000,000 into creating a comprehensive online art instruction resource, we have exceeded even our own expectations by breaking the 1,000 free video lesson mark — with even more to come!

Why Free Video Art Lessons?
Recognizing the need for accessible art instruction in today's society, we set out to develop a free online program where anyone — regardless of age, skill level, or preferred medium — could learn valuable new art tips and techniques from the comfort of their own home. We have a separate section at dedicated solely to this growing collection of art instruction videos from over 55 professional artists and experts, including such prominent figures as Adam Hughes, Tom Fleming, Bob Rankin, Wilson Bickford, Mike Rooney, Judi Betts, Tom Jones, Luana Luconi Winner and more. With various subdivisions, it's easy to browse the entire collection by artist, medium, skill level, subject, newly added videos and product demos.

With over 1000 videos posted and more on the way, there is something here for every artist!
Some of the topics covered in our free video lessons include:

  • How to draw
  • Acrylic painting techniques
  • Picture framing
  • Watercolor glazing
  • Sumi-E painting
  • Soft & oil pastel techniques
  • Figure drawing & anatomy
  • Art history
  • Color theory
  • Printmaking
  • Plein air painting
  • ...and hundreds more!

As an added bonus, there's no stress of a classroom environment or the feel of an audience: you can follow along and learn at your own pace from the comfort of your own home, and even sign up to receive email alerts when new lessons are added to the website.

Learning art at home is not the only option with Jerry's Free Video Art Lessons: they can also be an invaluable tool for school teachers and art instructors, and an effective aid in the art classroom. Whether beginner, intermediate, advanced, kids or all levels — there are lessons available for any skill level and in just about any medium! Teachers are free to use any of the Free Video Art Lessons in their classroom to enhance their teaching experience.

Despite the plethora of posted videos, Free Video Art Lessons are only the tip of the iceberg in the art instruction we offer at Jerry's Artarama. We also boast a massive collection of full-length art instructional DVDs on an even wider range of topics than the shorter free lessons. If you're interested in a particular lesson, you can get more in-depth instruction from any number of available DVDs. Detailed product lists show the art supplies used in particular lessons or DVDs, so it's easy to find all the necessary materials to complete the lesson in one convenient place.

Check out an example of one of our videos where comic artist Adam Hughes shows you How to Draw Eyes!

So what are you waiting for? Have you been itching to test a new art technique, or try your hand at a new medium? Jump right in with our vast collection of Free art lessons online! Have you already browsed and watched and learned from them? What were your experiences? Tell us about it in the comments below!


Winsor and Newton Artists Water Colours - An Exploration

Winsor & Newton Artists' Water Colours — the true professional watercolor!

For over 175 years, Winsor & Newton have been creating some of the world's finest art materials! One of their most popular and well-beloved lines is the classic Artists' Water Colour range. Made with the finest ingredients and meticulous, time-honored processes, Winsor & Newton Artists' Water Colours are some of the finest watercolor paints on the planet today. Let's learn a little about them, shall we?

Primary Color Palettes for Winsor & Newton Artists' Water Colours

  • The three Primary Colors in the range are Winsor Lemon, Winsor Blue (Red Shade) and Permanent Rose.
  • When using a 6-color palette, we recommend using Winsor Lemon, Winsor Yellow, French Ultramarine, Winsor Blue (Green Shade), Permanent Rose and Scarlet Lake.

Transparency and Opacity
The varying transparency and opacity of a pigment will affect the optical character of the individual color as well as how the color mixes with other colors. The most transparent colors will enable you to create a pure glazing effect by applying a number of washes on top of one another. The more opaque colours give flatter washes and greater covering over previous washes. Opaque colors are also useful for toning down color mixtures.

On the Winsor & Newton Artists' Water Colour chart, the transparent colors are marked with or T, the semi-transparent colors are marked or ST. The relatively semi-opaque colors are marked with or SO and the opaque colours are marked with or O.

Pigment Choice
Watercolor more than any other medium relies upon the variable characteristics of the pigments used. As it is essentially a staining technique, everything rests on the handling properties of the pigments; whether they can produce a smooth wash or a textured wash; how opaque or transparent they are; the brilliance and strength of their color; and so on.

With this in mind, it has always been — and will continue to be — Winsor & Newton's aim to provide artists with the widest possible range of pigments to give them the greatest choice and flexibility. It takes a total of 87 different pigments to produce the 96 Artists' Water Colours.

Today, our Artists' Water Colours contain an ever-widening range of high performance pigments, which ensure strength of color and excellent brilliance combined with extremely high permanence ratings.

Single Pigments in the Range
Just like people, each and every pigment differs in shape, size, color, and "personality." Pigments, especially in watercolor, serve as a set of tools or vocabulary to help artists manipulate their work and alter their expression.

Wherever possible, single pigments have been used in Artists' Water Colour to ensure that we offer the widest choice of colors and pigment characteristics or positions, such as hue, particle size, transparency, tinting strength, etc. This helps broaden the artist's creative expression.

We use single pigments wherever possible. Single pigment formulations are purer in hue and cleaner in color than mixtures of pigments, providing a larger number of color mixes before resulting in muddy effects. Within the new Artists' Water Colour range there are 75 single pigments amounting to 78% of the range.

To learn more about Winsor & Newton's special milling processes and why they're so important, please watch the video below!

Are you a watercolor artist? Have you ever used (or do you swear by) Winsor & Newton Artists' Water Colours? Tell us your experiences in the comments below!


Your Satisfaction is our Goal at

Customer service expands with a new online live chat module!

At, our customers' satisfaction is our ultimate goal! We work hard to ensure that you can find all your favorite art supplies quickly and easily, knowing that you're getting the best everyday low prices on oil colors, canvas, paintbrushes, acrylics, watercolors, easels, studio furniture, DVDs, drawing materials, pastels, kids' art supplies and more. We also strive to be your #1 artists' resource, offering hundreds of free video art lessons, art tips and techniques, product reviews, blog, Twitter and Facebook pages, multiple art contests and more, all designed to foster and enhance the art community.

With all this in mind, it's a pretty big site to navigate! There's so much for visitors to see and do and read and learn about, it's natural for folks to have questions. We've always been available by phone and via email to answer any questions, but now we're happy to expand our customer service offerings with the addition of a live online chat module!

We at Jerry's Artarama recognize today's need for quick and easy access to necessary information: customers who have their questions answered quickly and efficiently are more likely to be pleased with their experience and to remain loyal. In the search for how best to provide this access, we discovered LiveChat Inc. , one of the foremost live chat software developers dedicated to providing fast and simple communication between e-commerce websites and their customer base. LiveChat Inc. specializes in state-of-the-art online sales tools designed to enhance and improve the connection between businesses and their customers, through innovative developments utilizing chat platforms on websites, mobile devices, social media networks and more. Plus, it's fast and easy to use!

How it Works

  • Click on "LIVE CHAT" at the top right corner of the website
  • Enter your contact information and a brief description of your issue or question
  • Chat with one of our trained specialists
  • Get your answers quickly and effectively!

As you can see, we're very pleased with our new LiveChat option, and hope you will be too! It's just the latest in our many advances to provide our customers with the best service possible. From the minute you open our catalog or webpage, to the minute you unpack your newly-delivered art supplies, we want you to be happy with every step along the way. Check out all the many ways we at Jerry's Artarama strive to ensure that when you shop with us, you'll get the best customer service available!

  • Specialists available via phone, email, and new LiveChat!
  • Every order packed carefully and accurately
  • Fast and free shipping offers
  • Large and custom orders welcome
  • Pioneers of everyday low prices!

Order Efficiency and Accuracy
Curious about what happens after you click that "place order" button? Get a peek behind the scenes at our warehouse in this informational video!

So what are your thoughts? Have you had a chance to try our LiveChat option, and if so, how did you like it? Are there any more aspects you'd like to see us add to our customer service process? Visit our newly designed customer service center (click here) and please let us know about it in the comments below!

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