Send an Art eGift Card for Valentine's Day

Send your your Valentine something better than chocolate...Valentine Creative eGift Card

Often times we are left thinking about how to surprise a loved one on Valentine's Day and for those that are creative, it can be even more of a challenge (unless you already know what they want and got the signal from the quarterback :-) ). Valentine's Day is in the "main street" way, associated with buying chocolates, flowers, dinners and even the diamonds. What about art supplies and creating a piece to be cherished forever? Thinking a bit outside the box here if I may, have you ever considered the gift of art?

Creating art can be soothing, inspiring and an amazing experience you can do together, make it fun. Often times we are caught up in the daily grind of life and need to make time for each other. A great way to do that is grab some of your favorite art supplies and create art together one night! It can be anything but believe me, you will experience a different connection, have fun together and have something you can hold on to forever. (read more below)

eGift cards are the perfect gift for artists for any occassion. Send a Valentine's Day electronic art gift card today!

In a family with kids where the luxury of a babysitter to go out to dinner or be alone is just not going to happen, include them! Have a family Valentine's Day Art Night. Having a family art night can be a rewarding experience on a regular schedule but for Valentine's Day it can be even better. You have the dinner going, the roses out, the chocolates ready... now all you need is the art supplies and you are all set.

If you do not know what to buy and often times those signals are uknown, you can send an electronic Valentine's Day gift card with your personal message. Pick the design, plan your message and have it sent to yourself to include in a lovely card (Don't forget the card!) or send it directly to your loved one's email. The Valentine's Day eGift card will arrive in minutes. For all those who are "last minute" shoppers (like me!) this works great. They can buy whatever they want and have fun doing that so...


  • Send your Valentine's Day designed art egift card
  • Plan out your art night
  • Get your favorite supplies
  • Have an enjoyable experience and have fun!
  • Have something you can both or all will enjoy and look back on forever

As I have often done, I would also recommend that you frame and hang your completed artwork so you you can look at that piece as a reminder of that day. We carry alot of beautiful ready made picture frames to frame and hang your artwork. Taking it one step further if framing is not an option, you can keep it safe in our New Eternity Archival Storage boxes prefect for storing valuable art, photos and memorabilia.
baldwin elegant style picture framesEternity Archival storage boxes

I would love to hear comments on your experiences as you get ready for Valentine's Day or if you have taken the time to sit down together and create art together, all comments welcome so please post them below in the comments box


Prove It - Plutonium Spray Paint

Prove It Art Marketing Videos

Prove It! - Plutonium Spray Paint...is it better?

Plutonium Professional Spray Paint has been making a big splash in the world of graffiti and street art And artists alike who are exploring other techniques. In this episode of Prove It!, Mikey G sets out to test Plutonium's claim that they are the most superior spray paint on the market. He will test and compare drying times, spray angles, and coverage with Plutonium spray paint and two of Plutonium's competitors.

Please enjoy this Prove It! video for Plutonium Sprays and let us know what you think in the comments below!

What do you think? Have you used any of these spray paints, and if so, what were your experiences? Tell us about it in the comments below!


2013 Self Portrait Contest - Enter Now!

A New Year, A New You! Enter Jerry's 2013 Catalog Self-Portrait Contest with up to $5,000 in prizes!

Happy 2013! Jerry's Artarama is excited to ring in the New Year, and to celebrate, we're having a huge Self-Portrait Contest with up to $5,000 in prizes to award!

Check out this video introducing the new catalog and the contest!

Many of you have already received the new Jerry's Artarama Annual Catalog, and have been struck by Dan Nelson's excellent Self Portrait in Six Media featured on the cover. Dan used all different kinds of art media to create this fun self portrait, and you are invited to do the same for our 2013 Self-Portrait Contest!

From now until March 31st, 2013, submissions will be accepted for the contest. The rules are simple: pick any wet or dry media and paint (or draw) a picture of yourself! Do you love pastels? Prefer watercolors? Have you been wanting to try some oil colors? Now is the time to do it! Each contestant may submit one self portrait, and the winners will be decided by communal voting beginning on April 1st, with the winners being announced on April 12th.

The contest prizes this year are phenomenal! One Grand Prize winner will receive an amazing $3,000 Jerry's eGift Card for an unbelievable shopping spree at www.jerrysartarama.com! Second Place receives a whopping $1,000 eGift Card, Third Place a generous $500 card, and twenty-five Honorable Mentions will get one $25 gift card apiece.

Self portraiture has been a highly respected art subject since time immemorial, and for good reason! There is always more to learn about oneself, and in yourself, you always have an ever-changing, ever-ready subject just waiting to be discovered. The annals of art are filled with self portraits, each unique and catering perfectly to the particular artist's style. Here are just a few to help inspire your own self portrait!

So what are you waiting for? Break out your pencils and paints, prop up a mirror and get started! This year, let your art be all about you!

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