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It's Jerry's Artarama Artist Appreciation End of July Event with $1,750 worth of prizes in total. We have multiple promotions going on and you have many ways to earn and win Free Jerry's Artarama eGift Cards, great art products and even a JerrysArtarama.com online shopping spree!

We appreciate our artist's loyalty and support and its our turn to reward you with savings and lots of giveaways. Check below and you might even see your name in one of our lists of winners!

July 21st-July 31st 2014 






See our Giveaway page for official rules and eligibility!





Winners for Colored Pencil Magazine Contest Announced- Sponsored by Jerry's Artarama

Awesome Job Janna and Fae!

Jerry's Artarama is a proud sponsor of the Colored Pencil Magazine's June Art Challenge

Every month, Jerry's Artarama supports artists through the monthly art contest in Colored Pencil Magazine. Early on, each month, Colored Pencil Magazine offers a challenge by putting up a new photo for artists to attempt to capture with their colored pencils and submit it for judging. There is always an advanced winner who receives an advanced prize of a $125 Jerry's eGift Card and a beginner's winner who receives a $75 Jerry's eGift Card

Here is the entry using the Soho Professional Colored Pencils exclusively from Jerry's Artarama - Click here to see now >

Learn more about Soho Colored Pencils

This month the subject for the contest was this image titled "Boys' Stories":



Here are June's Winners!


See more honorable mentions like this one below at coloredpencilmagazine.blogspot.com or ColoredPencilMagazine.com and check back each month for more winners!


This was a runner up by Ritu Bajaj using one our favorite products, SoHo Urban Artist Colored Pencils!



Turner Spring Art Contest Winners!


Look at these Awesome Artworks!

We had tons of talented entries this year in our Turner 2014 Spring Painting Contest! Although the competition was fierce in this one, we had some really talented winners. Check them out below!




More about Turner

Turner's color line is the world's finest for illustrative techniques with acrylics. It possesses incredibly versatile adhesive properties, as it may be used for indoor or outdoor painting on various substances, such as wood, acrylic boards, stone, cloth, clay, metal, slate, glass, aluminum, iron, hard vinyl, styrofoam and artist canvas. It may also be used on properly sized paper without any pre-prep.

Watercolors, Acryl Gouache, and Design Gouache


To see our Honorable Mentions, be sure to check out our Contest Page!

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