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KRINK Graffiti Markers

To fully appreciate the history of Krink, you must know the history of the company’s founder, KR. KR grew up in Queens, NY in the 80’s surrounded by the burgeoning graffiti scene. Graffiti is inspired as much by its surrounding as it is by the artists themselves. KR moved to San Francisco in the early 90’s and was pleased to see the bustling graffiti scene there, although it was very different than the NYC scene. Ignoring the traditions of local writers, KR took his art out of designated areas and used the whole city as his canvas. He experimented with different tools and techniques as he began to make “drippy” marker tags. He soon created his own inks, allowing his work to get bigger and bolder, and of course create much more of it! From these experiences, trials and errors, KR’s Ink, or KRINK, was founded. In 1998, KR returned to NYC and soon his markers were becoming the signature style in NY. Made in the USA.

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