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Aquacover Liquid Watercolor Paper

Designed to cover and match your favorite watercolor papers!
Aquacover™ is a revolutionary product from Creative Mark! Aquacover™ provides new avenues of creativity and alleviates a problem that has plagued watercolorists since the beginning of time! It is available in five shades of white that perfectly match the most popular watercolor papers used today. 

Aquacover™ is the perfect cover-up, allowing you to fix small or large areas quickly and painlessly. Once applied it dries in seconds and is permanent, non-cracking and non-yellowing. You can then apply color directly over it without bleeding! Aquacover™ is sold in 1 oz bottles with dropper caps and includes our unconditional guarantee of complete satisfaction. 

Fix small or large areas

Due its thick consistency, Aquacover™ is best applied with a brush. We do not recommend the included dropper for direct application.
I have found Aquacover to be the best product on the market. It far surpasses the most expensive gouache and has totally eliminated any intimidation I ever felt working with watercolor. I have had a hard time finding it at other stores or sites but Jerry's has them all to match all the best watercolor papers! So I got more than one which can even give a little added zing to highlighting on a creamier paper. I am in love with this product! - misselainies from Manistee, MI

*Creative Mark Aquacover™ is a watercolor and can not be reworked with a wet wash technique but can be painted over with a dry brush method. Aquacover™ has a high pigment concentration and may thicken in the bottle; this is normal. To thin Aquacover™, simply add water as needed. Stir well before using.

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