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Water-Mixable Oil Paints

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Water-Mixable Oil Paints

Water-mixable or water soluble oil paints are similar to traditional oil colors, but they contain a modified oil binder that can be thinned with water rather than hazardous solvents. Use of the water soluble oil mediums is recommended. Water soluble oils have been developed to emulate traditional oil color and work well for:

• Oil painters who have allergies to solvents and wish to avoid exposure to mineral spirits and turpentine.

• Artists who work in a small home environment and wish to reduce the odor of traditional oil painting techniques.

• Students and teachers in schools and universities, where the use of traditional oil color is prohibited because of the need for solvents with hazardous chemicals.

• Traveling artists who can transport water soluble oil colors on airplanes (subject to the individual airline regulation).