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We at Jerry's Artarama want to thank everyone who participated in the Turner Painting Contest! We had so many wonderful entries that it was very difficult to choose our winners.

Keep your eyes open as you might see your artwork in a future Jerry's Artarama catalog! Don't forget, we have several more Painting Contests going on right now! Click here to learn more about Jerry's Painting Contests!

"Birthday Boy"

"The Wheel of Fortune"

"Alpine Sunset"

by Frank Wilson of Paradise, CA

"Birthday Boy"

by Geralyn Guidetti of Queensbury, NY

"The Wheel of Fortune"

by Peter Dranitsin North Royalton, OH

Frank Wilson of Paradise, CA"Over the course of my thirty nine year career as a full time, professional artist, I have tried many brands of paint. Turner Designer Gouache is my choice color because it is consistently superior in the dense pigment load and exact color match from tube to tube. I easily make rich, vibrant textures and broken color with a velvety finish with Turner Gouache that are often mistaken to be pastels!Turner Design Gouache lends itself to the wide variety of application methods that I use in each of my paintings; sponging, scrubbing, knife painting, splattering, dip-pens, airbrushing, as well as the use of more traditional hog bristle, camel hair and sable brushes."

Geralyn Guidetti of Queensbury, NY“I recommend to 'throw out those other brands!' Turner Design Gouache is by far the best. It's not gritty and spreads like softened butter to a smooth finish with absolutely no brush strokes. There are so many bright colors to choose from and custom color mixing is a snap. The opaque quality and non-bleeding feature allows me to paint over anything and it dries quickly to a beautiful matte finish.”

Peter Dranitsin North Royalton, OH"Thank you Turner Paints for your wonderful Acryl-Gouache! I love to use them on the daily basis because they have unique qualities. It combines the best aspects of traditional gouache with those of acrylic. It has a saturated matt finish and is opaque. It has strong adhesion qualities and is color and water fast. One of the best qualities is that the paints have high pigment concentration and have a particular color intensity. The pigments are finely ground to assists in making an even smooth surface without brush marks. I also love the fact that paints can be used opaque or thinned down and used like watercolor. Thank you so much for your acrylic gouache and I definitely recommend these type of paint to all of the modern artists!"

Plus 25 Honorable Mentions!
"Quietude" By Anne Ducote

By Anne Ducote
"Street Fiesta" By Carla Golembe

"Street Fiesta"

By Carla Golembe

 "Beaufort Sunset" By Tesh Parekh

"Beaufort Sunset"

By Tesh Parekh
"Break Time" By Karlene Voepel

"Break Time"

By Karlene Voepel
 "Color Splash" By Andrea Maglio-Macullar

"Color Splash"
By Andrea Maglio-Macullar

"Amandadoki" By Adam Whaley


By Adam Whaley
"Swamp Tree" By Diana DonFrancisco

"Swamp Tree"
By Diana DonFrancisco
"Ryan's Tractor" By Cliff Welty

"Ryan's Tractor"

By Cliff Welty

"Misty Falls" By Frank Wilson

"Misty Falls"
By Frank Wilson
"Antique Fish Box Panel" By Joan Sears

"Antique Fish Box Panel"
By Joan Sears
 "Every Inch of Time" By Melinda Morrow

"Every Inch of Time"
By Melinda Myrow
"Winds" By Constance Poppalardo


By Constance Poppalardo

 "Pears" By Anne Ducote

By Anne Ducote
"Fog on the Lower Canadian" By Jim Ellis

"Fog on the Lower Canadian"
By Jim Ellis
"Red Pepper" By Michelle Matthews

"Red Pepper"
By Michelle Matthews
"Visions of the Last Dance" By Dianna DonFrancisco

"Visions of the Last Dance"
By Dianna DonFrancisco
"Signed by Fire" By Peter Dranitsin

"Signed by Fire"

By Peter Dranitsin
"Ocean Wave in Moonlight" By Joan Sears

"Ocean Wave in Moonlight"
By Joan Sears
"Been There" By Tesh Parekh

"Been There"
By Tesh Parekh

"Underrumble" By Melinda Morrow


By Melinda Myrow
 "Montauk Daisies" By Andrea Maglio-Macullar

"Montauk Daisies"

By Andrea Maglio-Macullar

"The Beauty Of A Bird" By Shanneil Evans

"The Beauty Of A Bird"
By Shanneil Evans
"Carnival" By Carla Golembe

By Carla Golembe

"Skating in NYC" By Diane Stolz

"Skating in NYC"
By Diane Stolz
"Womb" By Adam Whaley


By Adam Whaley




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